Remembering Alexis Jackson

Alexis Jackson

Alexis Jackson
March 7 1999-March 27 2012

Today one of our friends, Alexis Jackson, passed away. She was an amazing girl, and the entire crew knew her since 3rd grade, at the least. We all had a hard time getting through today. All of us, not just the Asdaqua crew.Stephen, Tal and Beck cried , Michael and Derek were very sad, and Allen was moved but tried to put a positive turn on things. Later in the day, Stephen visited the residence of Alexis’s grandma, where she died, and offered his condolences. Continue reading


The Asdaqua Crew-Anime Form!

Hey guys! Look what I made!

Cool right? I think we should all use these pictures for our Gravatar! I am!

Finding Your Inner Turtle

As you may have noticed, I have changed my gravatar to a picture of a turtle with the words “Find your Inner Turtle”. What this means is to find your inner peace. Turtles are calm, relaxed, and easygoing creatures. Human-kind needs to be more calm, relaxed, and easygoing, just like the turtles. Odd, now I sound like a hippie…