Season 2 of Asdaqua is here!

Since we all are back in school, the Asdaqua Crew has gotten together and we have made many changes to Asdaqua for Season 2. You can read about those changes in Stephen’s “Network Update” post, but if you want a brief into to Season 2, keep reading.

For Season 2 of Asdaqua, all your favorite shows will be returning (That does include Sting Ray Hunter) as well as some new ones. This year, we are adding a Review show and a Gaming show. Some of our shows are really long, so to keep our viewers happy, we are putting a 10 minute time limit on every show. This year, we will keep the site updated more, and every member will be required to post at least 2 times a week. Now, as you may have noticed, Asdaqua now has logos! All the shows and Asdaqua itself now have a logo. Season 2 is looking to be much better that Season 1, so keep checking Asdaqua, and we hope to hear your feedback.


iPad Mini?

 We’ve all seen the Apple iPad, and you’ve probably seen how big the iPad is compared to other tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. Is making a smaller sized iPad the next logical thing for Apple to do?

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