Game Pick of the Week #13: Team Fortress 2

Hello faithful Asdaqua fans, get ready for the first game pick of the new year!

This pick was originally introduced to the public in 2010 (yes, I still play “old” games), and is just as popular today.  Put your hands together for…

Team Fortress 2!

Produced by Valve and officially free-to-play on Steam, this respawnable fps has generated countless ideas for modern games.  Combat to that of a Halo or Call of Duty game, this cartoonish-style shooter is one to try.  Unlike these games I have mentioned, this team game contains 9 kits, or classes, that a player can choose during a round to satisfy his/her playing style.  While playing as these different classes, you have to use individual weapons and attributes to your team’s advantage.  First, we will briefly (very briefly) look over each and every class available.

Offensive Classes



The scout is the fastest of the classes, with a double-jump to top it off.



A crazed patriot that packs a punch with his rocket launcher.



A mumbling pyromaniac whose true ambitions are unknown apart from burning things.

Defensive Classes



A demolition expert and a master at explosives.



A huge man with big health and an even bigger gun.



A mechanical-minded Texan who constructs sentry guns, teleporters, and more.

Support Classes



The only healing class on the team, which contains a healing gun with healing rays.  Oh yeah, and he can make others invincible.



The sniper’s job is to pluck enemies out of the battlefield that close-ranged team members cannot.



The Spy relies on stealth and disguises while preparing to backstab an enemy or disable engineer buildings.

With these classes you choose, you can unlock more weapons, attributes, and hats, of course!  With items you find you can edit each class’ loadout so that when you spawn you don’t need to equip anything new.

The gameplay of Team Fortress 2 usually relies on one thing – teamwork.  Matches might consist of teams battling for power over multiple control points of the map, or one team is assigned to defending and the other to attack.  Payload races involve a bomb being delivered to a significant area.  Capture the flag, as you might guess, is stealing the enemy’s briefcase while also defending your own.  The possibilities are endless for the teams you and your friends can come up with and use effectively to destroy the opponent.

Overall, this free game may spark your interest or it may not.  Give it a try, especially if you are interested in first-person shooters and online multiplayer.

Thanks for showing up to this game pick of the week,



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