Apple topples over Coca-Cola as the highest global money-value country

Interbrand Corporations has always had periodical studies on which company or product has the most value in money.  Just recently, the scales have dramatically changed as Apple has taken the first place title from the world-familiar Coca-Cola.  Now #3, Coca-Cola does no longer hold to be the most profitable company.  It’s current value is $79.2 Billion, while apple topples over it with an impressive $98.3 Billion.  These careful studies began in the year 2000, and they are still very active.  The descending list of top-company value are Google in second with $93.3 Billion, IBM in fourth with $78.8 Billion, and Microsoft in fifth with $59.5 Billion.


This is the first time in 13 years that Apple has rapidly climbed to the top of these polls.  The trends of all of these great companies have stayed relatively stable.  The only exception is the booming business for Apple when the iPhone was first introduced to the world.  Every part of this data collection is based on the entire world, and you can see this trend in this graph:


Even though these polls show these exact company values, this does not affect the popularity or use of any product made by the companies listed here.

Stay tuned for more updates on the highest company value!



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