What To Expect at Apple’s Keynote

As you most likely have heard, Apple has its keynote set for this Tuesday, but what should you expect from it?

Over the past year, there have been many speculations of the iPhone 5S, an upgraded version of the iPhone 5. Apple will most likely be releasing this alongside a brand new iPhone called the iPhone 5C. Remember, these are just rumors. The iPhone 5C is a low-cost iPhone made out of plastic.

Also, something to look out for is the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini with Retina Display. These both are rumored to come out Tuesday as well. The iPad 5 should take on the look of an iPad mini, just larger. And the iPad Mini with Retina Display, as you can guess, will be an iPad mini with high quality graphics.

Two last things to watch out for are the iWatch and the Apple TV 2. The latter is an upgraded version of Apple TV, a product that is long overdue for an upgrade. The iWatch is a product that nobody really knows what Apple is going to do with. They may release it on Tuesday, or they may release it next year. It is rumored to be a smart watch that communicates with your iPhone.

The new iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and others are all new products that you should expect to see at apples keynote on Tuesday.


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