Situation on Syria (Opinion)

Obama and the US government have not yet reached a decision yet on what to do in Syria.  Protests scatter across DC, but Obama has a plan.  The Senate should be easy to pass through with the idea, as it is mostly the Democratic Party with conservatives to back them up.  The House of Representatives, however, will be much harder.  With mostly Republican Critics and their Democratic allies, they will try and limit as much military involvement as possible.

The way I think about this situation is who does the United States exactly want to target?  If they seem to be in favor of the rebel side of the Syrian war, they will appear as a follower and a supporter of rebel forces and religion.  If they show a soft side for President Bashar al-Assad, it will seem as if we favor a dictatorship.  If there is a way to get in, destroy the source of chemical weaponry, and get out, that might be an option.  We still will take many risks along the way, and Russia will not be happy with our involvement.

President Obama is now extremely worried and is starting to realize he must take some sort of action.  Recently, it is reported the Syrian Government has used poison gas and other biological war machines that has killed hundreds of rebels and Syrian civilians.  Also concerning, the death toll for this incident has disappeared, now with no certainty anything happened.  The Syrian Government has denied the use of these weapons time and time again, but the United Nations will give them a visit and see what is really going on.  In New York, the U.N. has recently had an emergency meeting discussing what actions they should exactly take.

A 20-member team of the U.N. is exactly what we need right now.  With the uncertainty of the death toll and the denial of Bashar al-Assad, nothing is the truth unless we get an outside opinion.  The nature of the attacks caused by Assad’s regime have been dangerous, as rebels are estimating 1,300 have died from artillery fire during this incident.  It is impossible to know what Obama plans to do in this situation, as so many things can go wrong.  Even if chemical weapons are just in development, the world needs to know, now.


Any comments or concerns?  Let us know below what you think!


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