Chemical Weapons Used In Syria

Last Wednesday, August 21st, the Syrian government introduced a new style of fighting to they Syrian front, gassing a Damascus suburb, killing over 330, and injuring over 3,600 with a nerve agent.  That is the equivalent of the student body of a large High School.

While it has not yet been officially confirmed yet, “there is very little doubt” that this was indeed an attack by the Syrian government, and that they did use gas US officials say.  A small team of inspectors has been allowed into the country by the government, as well as a cease fire while inspections are under way.  This is after days of denying entry to these inspectors by putting them under sniper fire, while shelling was still under way.

It is already known that the Syrian government does posses mustard gas , and Sarin (the suspected agent in the attack), although the team sent in is only allowed to determine if gas was used as a weapon.  The team is not allowed to determine which side the gas was used by.

Secretary of State John Kerry called the use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” in a statement Monday.  He said while there are currently inspectors in Syria, that photo and video evidence “strongly” indicates “that everything these images are already screaming at us is real, that chemical weapons were used in Syria.”

Will the US take presence in Syria though?  That’s the question that seems to be asked everywhere, and the answer is currently unknown.  What is known is that the US in correlation with other countries in the NATO will do something, whether it is just humanitarian support to help the victims of this attack, or if we will be joining one of the sides, to fight alongside them and other NATO countries to finish the war.

Although, the likely suggestion instead of the US sending troops on the ground is for the US to send cruise ships offshore the coast of Syria, and direct missiles at key military targets inside the country.


One thought on “Chemical Weapons Used In Syria

  1. The UN Security Council held emergency consultations about the purported attack, and UN deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said the head of a UN team sent to Damascus to investigate earlier claims of chemical attacks was in talks with the Syrian government.

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