Game Review: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

After years of the world lying in wait, one of the best GameCube games has released a sequel.

Luigi’s Mansion, Dark Moon (or, Luigi’s Mansion 2 in Japan) gives luigi fans and horror game fans another taste at a ghostbuster-esque game.

I have recently purchased and completed the game, and I have to say I was not disappointed. With the original best-selling game ending with our main protagonist, Luigi, locking King Boo into a painting for “eternity”. Well, as you can guess, eternity didn’t last that long as the evil ghost king escaped and stole the “dark moon”, which controlled the minds of all ghosts in Evershade Valley.

After the moon is stolen, all the peaceful ghosts are seen ransacking everything and each other, until the valley is turned upside down in chaos. Professor E. Gadd, a ghost researcher retreats to his bunker and calls Luigi to help collect the shattered moon pieces laid across the valley. Apparently, each moon piece collected reveals part of the newly created fog so Luigi can explore more of the valley. Unlike the past game, which took place in one mansion, this game has Luigi exploring 5 creepy mansions, not including the new multiplayer ScareScraper.

At the beginning of the game you receive the all-mighty ghost-busting machine, the poltergust 5000. You must hold each ghost in the vacuum mode until the countdown reaches zero to completely capture spirits. As you progress through the many mansion, the ghosts get stronger and harder to kill, so collecting coins and upgrading the Poltergust 5000 is key.

This game is by far the best Nintendo comeback, as a whole decade has passed since the original games.

I rate this game:
9/10 for graphics
7/10 for story
9/10 for gameplay
8.5/10 for accessibility

Thanks for tuning in with me!

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