Gunman Kills 4 at Santa Monica Shooting Spree

On Friday, a lone gunman went on a shooting rampage in Santa Monica, California, killing 4 and wounding 4, before he was shot dead by police in a library.

According to police, the chaos started when the gunman killed two people at their home near the Santa Monica College and then lit their house on fire. The Los Angeles Times identified those victims as his brother and father.

After he left, he carjacked a lady’s car and forced her to drive him to the college. Along the way, he fired his gun out of the window at a city bus and wounded three.

When he got to the college, he shot and killed the driver of a red sports vehicle and wounded another, and killed another person at the college. Then police chased him down and killed him.

The shooting happened not very far from where President Obama was holding a fundraiser in the town, but the Secret Service said that they believed that the shooting was not related to this fundraiser and that it is a ‘local police matter’.

Police have not yet released the name of the shooter.

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