Game Pick of the Week #11: Tiny Legends Heroes

Welcome…to Game Pick of the Week #11!

This week’s game pick is…

Tiny legends heroes

Tiny Legends: Heroes!

This medieval-style RPG is one of mobile gaming’s best. The app brings the innovative touch-and-drag movement to sword-thrashing, shield-bashing and hammer smashing gameplay together. As a small hero, it is up to you to recruit team members and venture into the (what it seems) never-ending dungeon to slay the beast of all beasts.

At your base outside of the dungeon, you and your team members can rest, while you upgrade abilities, buy new weapons and armor, and recruit new team members. With a lot of experience, your warriors can grow to an unstoppable force!

Tiny legends heroes 1

The dungeon is divided into 44 floors, each with their’ own boss and multiple minions. Like other RPGs, the familiar way to battle is still in place: once you walk into an enemy (or they walk into you), you start a separate battle sequence than the walk-able dungeon.

The best part about this game is the ability to customize. Anyone can have a certain combination of items that increases different aspects of them. There are multiple possible armor types and how well they work against elements, and there are swords, bows, and staffs that work differently with types of enemies.

Whether you’re into RPGs, medieval or action-adventure games, Tiny Legends: Heroes is for you!*

Thanks for tuning in,

*You must have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWhatever, Nokia, Android, Samsung, Blackberry, AT&T or some other mobile product to play this game. But besides that, it’s free!


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