Nokia Releases Thinner, Lighter Lumia 925


Image credit: Engadget

Today, Finnish phone company Nokia launched their brand-new flagship phone, the Lumia 925. It is an upgraded version of the Nokia Lumia 920, sporting a new aluminum body. Its internals are basically unchanged from the 900 – it has a 1.5 gigahertz dual-core Snapdragon processor, an 8.7 MP camera, and a 1280 x 768 screen resolution. The Lumia 925 will be available internationally, launching first in Europe and China in June and in the US shortly after that, with the carrier T-Mobile.

The option to go for aluminum will make this phone a lot lighter and thinner, attracting more people to the Lumia brand who didn’t like the heft of the 920. The phone feels great in your hand because of the curved back and edges.

The ClearBlack display makes it easy to view pictures without glare even in bright sunlight, unlike most other phones. Nokia has tweaked with the camera on the phone, improving the sensor and making the lens larger. The lenses are now as lightweight as possible, to make optical image stabilization (OIS) work better, and they have also added a sixth lens to give more clarity.


Nokia also has a few amazing apps exclusive to their Lumia phones – Nokia Music, City Lens, Drive+, and more. These are very high-quality apps which vastly improve the Windows Phone experience.

Disappointingly, it only comes with 16 GBs of non-expandable internal storage, and it only comes in black, gray, and white – no vivid colors like its predecessors. (To be fair, no other smartphones come in colors other than black, white, and gray, but it was still a nice differentiator between Lumia phones and the rest of the phone world.)

So, with its fashionable new metal body, improved camera, and lighter design, should you go out and trade your Lumia 920 out to buy the Nokia Lumia 925? While it’s a great phone, I would say no. It is an evolutionary update to the 920 which adds a couple of new features, and it is probably the last of the first-generation Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia. Plus, it was a poor choice to make it only have 16 GBs of storage without having an option to expand it. This phone can’t be called ‘revolutionary’ or a ‘hero phone’ by any means, so I recommend waiting until later on this year, when Nokia will release its second generation.


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