Harvard Sells Apple Stock; Should You?

The University of Harvard has sold its stock in Apple Inc. The reasoning behind this was that the iPhone’s sales have dropped and share values have decreased since the record high was met in September. The University sold all its shares, each of which was valued at around $304,000. If you were the head of the richest University in the world has sold they’re stock in Apple, should you?

My advice would be to keep it. And that’s not just because I’m a total Apple freak, I have some valid points to back it up. First, Apple’s WWDC is coming up, and it is rumored that Apple will be releasing things like the iPhone 6S and the iPad Mini with Retina Display. These new products will definitely cause an increase in the share price.

Another reason you should not sell your stock in Apple is because even though the stocks are decreasing, Apple is still a very profitable company. They make a tremendous amount of money every year. This is why I believe you should not sell your stock in Apple.

One last thing, and this is heavily opinion. I am wondering, why would Harvard sell their stock so close to when Apple is releasing new products? Shouldn’t they have waited and sold after the new products were out to gain more money? Post in the comments why you think the University did what they did.


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