Game Pick of the Week #10: Nimble Quest

This week’s game pick is:


Nimble Quest!

Everyone know the classic idea of snake, whatever you may call it. Known as millipede, centipede or countless other bug-related names, this game took the world by a storm. In fact, if your watching a YouTube video on a PC or a Mac, you can play it by pressing the left, up, right, and down keys on your keyboard!

This amazing remix of the snake-style games brings modern medieval warfare into a slicing, shooting, and magical Kongo line. You start this game with only one member of your soon-to-be team, and this player is noted as your team captain.

After adventuring and battling, you will build up your team to face fearsome challenges!

As a simple twist on a simple game, this app is a must-get. Also, it’s free, so if you don’t like it, then there’s something wrong with you (oh yeah, and you can delete it without losing money :D)

Thanks again for checking:



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