Game Pick of the Week #9: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Miracle Mask (cover)

Hello everyone!

It’s Michael with another game pick of the week. This week’s game pick is:

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask!

This game is the 5th game in the series: Professor Layton.

This series is about a Professor and his apprentice traveling the world and solving it’s many puzzles. With intricate plot lines and stories, this game is a must-have for puzzle-solvers.

Miracle Mask Friends

In this game of the series, the Professor, his apprentice, Luke, and new assistant, Emmy, travel to the mysterious town of Monte d’Or. Eighteen years ago, Hershel Layton and his friends explored vast ruins in hope of uncovering a secret city called Akbadain. In the process, the professor’s friend is presumably killed in one of the ruin’s traps. A town is built on top of the ruins as a base for search parties looking for the lost friend. In the present day, a shady character that calls himself the ‘Masked Gentlemen’ Terrorizes the town with the legendary Mask of Chaos.

Miracle Mask Antagonist

After the mysterious figure causes several ‘Dark Miracles’, Professor Layton steps in and uncovers the truth. The masked gentlemen was really Hershel Layton’s lost college friend, Randall, and is using the legend behind the Mask of Chaos to make his illusions seem real. After everyone is safe, the Professor realizes that the person who called him for help in the city is really someone else…And someone who wanted the Masked Gentleman to succeed in his’ plans.


That person is Descole, scientist, mastermind and the Professor’s nemesis. After Descole flees, the Professor and Luke return home with another puzzle solved.


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