Game Guide: Civilization 5 Gods and Kings

Hello every one, I am here to talk to you about the Expansion Pack for Civilization 5! Civilization 5 gods and kings is a turn based strategy game where you are playing as your very  own civilization. You will play through the ages, fighting epic battles against AI or your friends. The expansion Pack adds many new features to the game including religion and espionage. You will encounter many new civilizations on your path to greatness, here is every thing you need to know about them.

Maria Theresa of Austria-


Through Diplomatic Marriage, the special ability of the Austrian civilization, you can purchase city states you are allied with for 500 gold. This is especially helpful for those who favor friending city states. This is a great bonus since you can gain control of a city state without the waste, unhappiness and destruction of war.

Austria’s Special unit the Hussar is a replacement for cavalry with an extra tile of movement, up to 5, and an additional 5% bonus to damage dealt (up to +15%) for each flanking unit. Finally, with the extra movement and flank bonus, comes an additional tile of view radius.

Austria special building the Coffee House is the Renaissance era replacement for the windmill which provides a significantly reduced production bonus of only 5% to building production, as opposed to the windmill’s plus 15% to all, however recovers that loss with a +25% boost to the generation of great people in your cities. Also because there is no need for any windy plains, Open Terrain is not a requirement to build the Coffee House as it is with it’s counterpart.

Theodora of Byzantium-

theadora The special ability of Byzantium, Patriarchate of Constantinople, This powerful special ability of the Byzantine empire comes with the ability to choose a bonus belief when the other civilizations only get one. This benifit is only of use if you get a religion founded. This means the Byzantines will blitz a religion and build as many shrine and temples as possible early on.

Byzantium has two special units the Dromon and the Cataphract. The Dromon is the Ancient era replacement for the trireme with a ranged attack instead of melee attack. This can give you a huge naval advantage early in the game. The Cataphract is a Classical era, mounted unit replacement for the Horseman. Like the Dromon, the Cataphract takes a defensive tweak to the Horseman by increasing the strength from 12 to 15, allowing it to benefit from defensive bonuses, dropping the penalty for attacking cities to -25% from -33%, however doing so at the cost of reducing the unit’s movement tile radius down to 3 from

Dido of Carthage-


Her Special ability,Phoenician Heritage, allows Carthage units to move across mountains but will loose 50hp if they end their turn there. An added bonus is that all cities founded on the coast will get a free harbor.

The African Forest Elephant is the Carthaginian special unit. The African Forest Elephant is exclusive to the Carthaginian Empire. The unit is a unique mounted unit which may generate Great Generals faster and may strike fear in enemy ranks.

The Quinquereme replaces the trireme. All it changes is the name and adds 3 combat points.

Boudicca of the Celts-

The special civilizations ability of The Celts, Druidic Lore, gives them two similar bonuses to cities. Any city which is adjacent to a single unimproved forest tile produces 1 bonus faith, without requiring any temples or the like. If there are 3 or more adjacent unimproved forest tiles, the city will produce +2 bonus faith instead. This is an ability that can benefit your civilization early on (along with the Pictish Warrior) in rushing a Pantheon and Religion far faster than any other civilization is likely to establish. The flip side, however, is that later in the game this benefit becomes less useful as your Workers begin to improve tiles more and more, or you are forced to hamper your city’s potential by leaving the tiles as is.

The Pictish warrior is the perfect compliment to the Druidic Lore ability. It grants faith for every unit killed

The Ceilidh Hall is a renaissance era replacement for the Opera House building. The two are almost the same with one caveat, that the Ceilidh Hall grants +3 Happiness along with the base +4 culture. Like the Opera House, you will have to build an Amphitheater first. Overall, this building provides the longest term benefit out of the Celt’s unique items, benefiting those looking to expand, in helping to counter the unhappiness that brings.

Prince William I of the Netherlands-

180px-William_IPrince Williams special ability the East India Company allows you to retain 50% happiness from the last copy of luxuries that are traded away to other Civilizations. This will allow you to become the leader in trade and can help you win a Diplomatic Victory.

The Sea Beggar is the Dutch special unit. It is a replacement for the Privateer and specializes in attacking coastal cities since it starts out with first two coastal raider promotions. This unit can also heal in unfriendly territory so it will be the backbone of you coastal attacks.

The Polder is the Unique dutch improvement that is built on marsh tiles. It provides 3 food and after economics is researched +1 production and +2 gold. When playing as the dutch it is a good idea to found cities near marsh tiles.

Haile Selassie of Ethiopia-

The Spirit of Adwa special ability for the Ethiopian civilization grants a +20% bonus in combat for all of the civilization units when fighting another civilization that owns more cities than you do. This gives Ethiopia a huge advantage defensively, The more you beat them the stronger they get. If you like to expand alot Ethiopia is not the civilization for you since it will give you little or no benefits, because of this Ethiopia is best for a cultural victory.

Ethiopia’s special unit is the Mehal Safari. It is a modern era gunpowder unit and replacement of the riflemen. At the cost of 200 production (25 more than riflemen) you get a free Drill 1 upgrade and the most important since its best to play Ethiopia “small but STRONG”. The Mehal Safari  gets a %30 combat bonus when fighting in the capitol. This Bonus will become less powerful the farther away you are from your capitol.

The stele is the Ethiopian replacement for the monument. The stele gives an extra +2 religion on top of the 2 culture a monument already gives. Take advantage of this jump start on religion and you can become the dominant religion even with the small number of cities you have.

Pacal of the Mayans-


The Mayans special ability is the long count. After you research theology you will begin the long count (395 years). At the end of the 395 years you will be able to pick a free great person. You may only pick one of each so choose wisely.

The Mayans get to build a ranged unit, Atlatlist , right at the start of the game. The Atlatlist replaces the archer and since you have it in the begining of the game you will have a large advantage over your enemies, who’s melee units cant touch you.

With the Mayan’s Pyramid you can get double the science and two religion at the exact same cost as a shrine! This will allow you to get a small edge in science which can pay off later. It can also help you get a religion up and going quicker than some civilizations.

Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden-


With Swedens Nobel Prize you can gain 90 extra influence points when a Great person is gifted to a city state. This can greatly help you win a diplomatic victory since you can gain influence easily with city states. As an added bonus every civilization you declare friendship with you and that civilization will will receive an added %10 chance of producing great people.

The Hakkapeliitta will allow a great general to move two more tiles when it ends its turned stacked with them. Also when it ends its turn stacked with a great general it gets an extra %15 combat bonus on top of the one the great general already gives.

The Carolean specializes on long marches away from home. It has the special ability to heal every turn even after it has preformed an action. Produce alot of these to go on long campaigns in the industrial era, they will be the backbone  of your army. They replace riflemen.

Great_prophet_(Civ5) (1)

Another new aspect of the game is Religion. Righteous civilizations will seek faith to found pantheons. Once your faith becomes strong you can create a great prophet who will build upon you basic beliefs and create a religion.

Espionage was finally added back to the game. As soon as a player enters the Renascence era  all civilizations will get a spy. Spies are able to steal technology, establish surveillance in other cities

 and report on future military operations. You may also rig city states election in your favor and help push you influence a little.

**Photograph. Civilization Wiki. Web.**

7 thoughts on “Game Guide: Civilization 5 Gods and Kings

  1. Comments: The Ottoman Civilization is obviously created with a Military strategy in mind. They have been buffed since the original release in which I stated that they were incredibly underwhelming and not worth picking over other civilizations. This is no longer the case. Their special ability makes the Ottoman Empire one of the most dangerous adversaries on maps with large amounts of water. If these guys hit the seas, you should be worried. Obviously you can field a huge navy at relatively little cost – and the Prize Ship promotion is hands down the best Naval unit promotion in the game. You will build up a giant navy by hunting and capturing Barbarian ships early on – meaning you will not only defend your coastline but press other civilizations extremely hard if you want. Once you near the Renaissance, switch to an extremely aggressive strategy and make the best of your unique units. Once the Ottoman war machine starts rolling, it’s very hard to stop.

    • You are absolutely correct. The have been ridiculously buffed since the original release, the only reason they were not included in this guide is because they are not new to civilization.

  2. My list: Carthage Love the free harbors, and the UU ship is awesome. The mountain thing is gimmicky, but since I tend to play on mountainous maps, I’ve used it at least 2-3 times per game with them. Byzantium I think you putting Byzantium at #8 is only valid at the higher levels when you don’t get your pick of beliefs. At lower levels, I gotta put it right here. Church Property Tithe Religous Texts is insane. The Dromon is insane, thought the Cataphract is a bit underwhelming, especially since its strengths are innate and it therefore loses them upon upgrade. Huns Sometimes playing with them feels like cheating. The ability to bumrush 2-3 early civs and get cheap puppets is invaluable, especially on continents maps where you can warmonger all you want early and not have other AI freak-out and mass-DoW you. The Horse Archer spam is nice and their ability to not get stopped by rough terrain like the Egyptian War Chariots makes them beastly. Only reason they’re not higher is I don’t normally like to warmonger and UA is a bit pathetic. Ethiopia I like them because I can go tall. The only reason I downgrade them so low is that the UU is just not useful to me. If I get attacked by the AI, it’s almost always earlier or later than the age of rifles. Maya The pyramids bonus is great, but I don’t get the most out of it bc I don’t go wide enough. The alure of wonder-hogging is just too much. The extra faith is cool though. Celts I don’t quite appreciate them as much because I play at lower difficulties… it seems like at upper levels, they’re more powerful because first pantheon means more. The Pictish Warrior is sweet. Haven’t gotten a chance to play as the other civs yet.

  3. Religions can be customized and developed from a simple pantheon to a modern religion by selecting “Beliefs” that offer specific benefits. You choose Beliefs from a pool (of about 50), and they are unique; choosing a Belief makes it unavailable to any other Religions in that game. A religion may accrue up to a total of five Beliefs over time (though the Byzantines have the special ability to unlock a bonus sixth Belief).

  4. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a
    few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a
    linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  5. Hi my loved one! I wish to say that this post is amazing, great written and come with approximately all vital infos. I’d like to see more posts like this.

  6. I think I’m failing to grasp the strengths of this unit. I never really see pillaging as overly useful. On one hand, if youre invading to conquer, you don’t want to pillage because it will damage the land you intend to keep. I also don’t see a purpose in DOWing for the purpose of pillaging because of the negative diplo penalty. If youre DOW’d without wanting the war, I would imagine you would just turtle up until the AI lost interest, and the pillaging doesn’t come in handy. Regarding the faith, that is useful early on to get your pantheon, and to help speed up the founding of a religion. I don’t think you would get too much really since you need 600 for a religion, and youre getting around 10 faith per kill, each kill will give you under 2% towards that goal. I suppose it would stack nicely with the culture from honor for barb kills. The foreign lands bonus is nice though 20% in foreign lands to facilitate early rushes. Am I missing something here?

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