League of Legends: Allen’s Complete Guide on Singed (S3 Updated!)

Augmented Singe

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Hello everybody and I am back with another guide. This time I will be overviewing Singed, a tank/mage top laner who is everything a mad scientist is! Lets start with his abilities.


Poison Trail – Leaves a trail of poison behind Singed, dealing damage to enemies caught in the path.
Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail that deals 22/34/46/58/70 (+0.3) magic damage per second.
13 Mana per Second


This is Singed’s main farming and attack ability. When running towards a enemy wave, they would be running in a straight line, so you would activate it, and just run along side them. Then turn around when you reach the end. This is a great farming tool. Be careful in the early game, as you may find yourself short on mana. In team fights, you should always keep this on, as the damage per second is quite surprising.

Mega Adhesive – Throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground, slowing enemies who walk on it.
Leaves a sticky area on the ground for 5 seconds, slowing enemies in the area by 35/45/55/65/75% (lasts 1 second after leaving).
70/80/90/100/110 Mana

This is a really good tool for escape and chase. Just place the Adhesive in front of where your enemy would run and they would be slowed for a incredible reduction(75% reduction at lvl 5). When you are faced with a gank, be careful not to use this too early, as the jungler may flash over.

Fling-Damages target enemy unit and flings them into the air behind Singed.

Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (0.75) magic damage.
100/110/120/130/140 Mana

This is another great escape and chase tool. For chasing champs, fling them and they would land right behind, pop you W right on top of yourself so that when they try to run, they will be slowed.

Insanity Potion – Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him increased combat stats.
Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35/50/65 Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resist, Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, and Mana Regeneration
150 Mana

This is what makes Singed who he is. Pop this ulti, and you are basically tank mode. Don’t be afraid to pop this to escape or sustain, it has a short cooldown, especially with a Glacial Shroud. Nerfed this but still makes him beastly, get some tenacity and you’ll be unstoppable.

Empowered Bulwark – Increases Singed’s Health by 25 for every 100 Mana he has.

This passive is the reason why getting items like Rod of Ages gives Singed extra poison damage why being tanky. With this passive, sometimes I like to substitute my boots with a Sapphire Crystal instead.


Item Build



















Item Build

Starting Items

Health_Potionx7(245)Mana_Potionx2(70)&Sight_Wardx2(150) OR  Sapphire_Crystalx1(400) & Health_Potionx2(70)

With the start of Season 3, the common boots/3 pot is really unpopular now.  With the nerfs to flask, I really just go for 7 health pots, 2 mana pots, and 2 wards. You can stay in lane really long and can be safe for a good six minutes. A sapphire crystal can be used for early health and a pretty large mana pool early on.

Mid Game

Regular Build

Catalyst_the_Protectorx1(1350) Mercury's_Treadsx1(1200)Tear_of_the_Goddessx1(700)

crazy sustain.


Catalyst is really good on Singed because it provides a lot of mana(which gives you health as well) and sustain when you level up. With the nerf to his ultimate(removed tenacity), you want the tenacity mercury treads provides. Ninja Tabi was heavily nerfed(200 gold increase), so i won’ t get it unless you are faced with a crazy AD champion like Irelia. Get hextech first for outsustain vs. champions like irelia. I would recommend getting a Tear of the Goddess right after your catalyst. You want your stacks ASAP for your Seraph’s Embrace.


Rod_of_Agesimages (1) ORimagesSeraph's_EmbraceRylai's_Crystal_Scepter

You should always get the Rod of Ages first because you want those stacks as soon as possible. After that, finish off your boots and try to add a bonus on it ASAP. Homeguard is so good, but Distortion helps you if you are running Ghost/Tele. Finish your Seraphs Embrace to get a reliable shield to help you tank as well as a spike in AP. From then on you can build accordingly. Rylai’s gives you that OP slow on all your abilites. Abyssal should be a must as you protect yourself from AP champions(definately get for double AP comps). Frozen Heart, Sunfire Cape, and Randuins would finish off my build. They’re all good items: Frozen Heart(mana into health, armor, CDR for ult), Sunfire Cape:(Passive AOE, Armor, health), Randuins:(Good passive, armor, health, and good active. You can replace abyssal with Randuins if the enemy team has a fed carry.

Other Items to consider

Abyssal Scepter


Must have against double AP comps. Also helps your team as it lowers the enemy team’s MR.

Frozen Heart


Glacial Shroud is already a beastly mid game item, and Frozen Heart gives even more defenses and a neat passive aura. Remember the mana also gives you health AS WELL AS bonus AP from your Seraphs Embrace. Neat attk speed reduction reduces AD carry’s effectiveness.

Randuins Omen


Health, Armor, and a passive that reduces attk speed AND movement speed? And an AOE attk speed reduction/movement speed active? Yes plz. This item kills heavy AD comps.

Sunfire Cape


This item used to be good, but I haven’t been using it that much. AOE passive for wave clear and damage in teamfights? Poison clears way faster. Health and armor bonuses aren’t as big as Randuins or a Frozen Heart.


singed masteries

A good 9-21-0 AP build for an AP tank. You get the durability for a tank while some offensive traits to do damage.


You should have about more than one type of rune pages for each situation. I would have an AP lane opponent and an AD lane opponent. Always ALWAYS get movement speed quints. Singed relies a lot on movement.



Red: Magic Pen

Yellow: Flat Armor

Blue: Flat AP

Quints: Movement Speed


Capture 1

Red: Magic Pen

Yellow: Health per lvl

Blue: Magic resist per lvl

Quints: movement speed


Ignite GhostTeleport

Ghost and an ulti is your main engagement tools. Ignite is a must have if you can grab those early kills on your opponent and gain a good lead. I have also been using teleport for split push games. A fast singed coming out of nowhere is a scary.


Early Game

Get your starting items, and guard your tribrush if you are on the purple side. If not, help your jungler leash blue. Begin last hitting, and don’t push the wave too far or else you won’t have nothing to do. If you find your opponent backing to base. Immediately push the wave with poison trail and then back as well. This will make your opponent lose about 1 1/2 waves and be behind. Once you get all of your abilites you can start being aggressive. Make sure to ward the river so you can fling the opponent and toggle your poison. Placing a W on their escape path will slow them and cause them to take more damage from your poison. If you push your lane opponent to the turret, and have your river warded, then feel free to run past their tower and farm with poison trail.

Mid game

Now is the time where your team begins to group and push. Make sure your lanes are always pushed before grouping. If you are dancing around the mid turret and you see your lane opponent pushing, then go back to top and push back. Unless it is a champion like Shen that can global or have tele, you are not putting a disadvantage on your team and it will still be a 4v4.

Late game

This is the time where Singed shines. With almost full items, you can now engage on teamfights. When an initiation comes, immediately pop your ultimate and ghost and run straight towards the AD or AP carry. Flip them away from your team and constantly run around him with your poison. Put an ignite on him as well so he has no sustain. If the enemy decides to back out, then place a W and you will probably pick up more kills. You also choose to split push a lane. Your poison clears waves so fast.


Overall Singed is a very fun champion with ridiculous survivability and sustain. Remember that you engage but don’t do the most damage. Without damage to follow up your engagement, then you are pretty much useless and can’t win many teamfights.


6 thoughts on “League of Legends: Allen’s Complete Guide on Singed (S3 Updated!)

  1. Basically always think before you fling. Never use fling to last hit, as you run a high risk of not actually killing your enemy and giving him a free flash away from your team. This is a mistake I see alot of people making as singed. Also, save your fling. You don’t “need” to fling every time it is off cooldown, and chances are you won’t always have a good fling opportunity. So save it until you get a good opportunity.

  2. This is the time where Singed shines. With almost full items, you can now engage on teamfights. When an initiation comes, immediately pop your ultimate and ghost and run straight towards the AD or AP carry. Flip them away from your team and constantly run around him with your poison. Put an ignite on him as well so he has no sustain. If the enemy decides to back out, then place a W and you will probably pick up more kills.

  3. This is the time where Singed shines. With almost full items, you can now engage on teamfights. When an initiation comes, immediately pop your ultimate and ghost and run straight towards the AD or AP carry. Flip them away from your team and constantly run around him with your poison. Put an ignite on him as well so he has no sustain. If the enemy decides to back out, then place a W and you will probably pick up more kills.

  4. Vi used to be really, really scary. Now she’s just really scary. The main thing that makes her scary is her . That % damage really hurts. You will be wanting to buy tabi at the very least. I do suggest more armor, however. Ranuin’s is nice. Frozen heart and Sunfire are great choices too. To beat her in lane, you have to beat her early. You also have to beat her quickly. She does much better in extended trades than you do because of her % damage and armor shred. Try not to ler her get those three hits on you to proc it. Fling to minions with poison on, then back out. Don’t let her get her shield up (which is easier said than done) or she will just win trades by not taking damage. Her shield has a really long cooldown early, abuse that by being aggressive on her early. Come late-game, she can wreck you. Be prepared to be squishy, regardless of how tanky you built.

  5. I usually always call solo mid, as I think Singed is a hero that can make a gigantic difference with levels, compared to other carries like Ashe, who always try to call solo. Anyway, get your item, head up to your lane, and play semi-aggressive. If an enemy is harassing you, try and scare him off by running up and then running back. If there’s two enemies, just activate your poison trail and get all of the creeps hit by it. This will also get you a few kills. At around level 5, if your opponent is playing stupidly, and if you know he doesn’t have Flash, you can Ghost through the creeps and quickly chase him, and Fling him back to your creeps. The whole idea is for him to attack you, letting the creeps beat on him. Remember to activate your poison trail before you do anything though! Also, be on the lookout for an enemy harassing you by your tower. This usually happens when there’s two guys in the same lane. Try and fling one back into the tower, and even if he Flashes away, the tower will still get two hits off or so. If you somehow get that kill, you should be around 1400 gold. If you, head back and get your Boots Sapphire crystal. Try to avoid teleporting back until you have enough gold for those items. With these two items, you should be able to help gank an allied lane. Look for the lane that’s pushing the most, as this way you can use Insanity Potion to take down an enemy tower too!

  6. Singed and Cass have incredible synergy that only gets better as the game goes on. First of all, Singed’s Poison Trail procs Cassiopeia’s Twin Fang , allowing her to spam the ability at poisoned enemies. Singed’s Mega Adhesive not only makes it harder for those enemies to get away, but also makes it much easier for Cass to land her Noxious Blast and Miasma . Singed and Nocturne have some of the greatest ambush potential ever. Just hide in the bushes at the beginning of the game and if a single enemy gets close, first blood is almost assured. Nocturne’s Duskbringer and Singed’s Fling are very effective for preventing escapes and can lock down opponents at record speeds, making this a great combo when hunting down enemies. Vi might seem like an unusual laning partner for Singed, but her short range mobility is great for securing kills when enemies push too far. A good Fling from Singed followed by Vi’s Vault Breaker is difficult to recover from at best. Using Exhaust prior to this combo will weaken the target’s armor and magic resist with the bonus from your offensive masteries and make it even more difficult for an enemy to escape afterwards.

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