Submarine Captain Sends Hate Mail To Kids

Nick Cruise, a retired British Submarine Captain is taking a lot of criticism from many people because of the e-mail he wrote to his 3 kids, saying that he didn’t like in how his kids turned out.

He said to his kids that they drove him and his wife crazy in their own special little way. He accuses them of being inept, making him live through a nightmare, making “Copulation-Driven” mistakes, and that his is bitterly, bitterly disappointed.

But the kids aren’t that bad, his oldest daughter, Emily, was asked why he might send mail like this to his own kids, and she doesn’t know.

She says that none of his kids ever did Drugs, they don’t rely on social programs, they haven’t asked him for money, and none of them are lazy.

She thinks her Dad’s problem is disappointment.  “I think it grates on him that despite our private educations none of us has turned into the next Richard Branson.”

Mr. Cruise, even with all the criticism being thrown at him, is sticking  to his own words.

He has gotten national attention, and as a result, some other fathers are beginning to forward his e-mail to their own kids.


One thought on “Submarine Captain Sends Hate Mail To Kids

  1. That email, sent from retired British nuclear submarine captain Nick Crews to his three children earlier this year, has taken the UK by storm, and now it’s finally made its way across the pond and is going viral in the U.S. It’s easy to see why. The no-nonsense letter focuses on what a disappointment Crews’ children have been to him and their mother, and how they have failed both in life and their marriages.

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