Apple Releases iTunes 11

After a long wait, Apple has finally released iTunes 11 for a free download to the public. iTunes 11 was originally scheduled to be released in october, but Apple told CNET that is would “take a little extra time to get it right.” Apple has completely redesigned the look and experience of iTunes, as the menu dock is on the top of the page, which will give easy access to all your music and to go shopping for music more effectively. The new interface allows you to resize information panels for your music to be entirely “your way.”

In the past few years, many people have complained that iTunes was getting slow for all the new types of media that had been coming out, so iTunes 11 aims to fix that problem. The program not only is faster, but it will also allow people to buy, listen, and share music a lot quicker. iTunes 11 also has more iCloud options. You can sync all your music, photos, and videos onto the Cloud right form iTunes, which should allow more people to share more items with their family and friends. Apple also introduced a new mini player, which shows the album cover of the current song that you are listening to. Another kind of random thing Apple added to iTunes 11 was a gift card scanner. iTunes will work with your Mac’s camera to scam gift cards, which will make adding money to your iTunes account a lot less time consuming. Overall, iTunes 11 does look like a major improvement from past versions and I recommend upgrading your old iTunes software.


One thought on “Apple Releases iTunes 11

  1. My first impression of the new design: impressed. I thought the same thing when I saw the demo at the music event in September, and playing with it here for a few hours reinforces it — iTunes 11 is in many ways a redefinition of what it means to be a modern Mac app. There’s an iOS-inspired emphasis on putting less stuff in your face at the same time. Moving away from the sidebar design pattern really works here. Fewer simple textual table views, more and bigger graphics. (The old-style sidebar interface is still there if you want it: View → Show Sidebar. But I say give the new one a chance.) With the old sidebar interface, everything was treated, semantically, as a peer. Everything from your media libraries (music, movies, podcasts) to playlists to devices (iPods, iPhones, iPads) to the entire iTunes Store — all these widely disparate things were presented together in a single (albeit segmented) list.

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