Reflecting on American Freedoms

We as Americans face many challenges this Thanksgiving. The ‘fiscal cliff’ is looming, and we are figuring out that all the plans on the table will hurt in some way. Republicans are still hurting after the blow they got on Election Day, and we lost Gen. David Petraeus, a true American hero, because of bad decisions on his part. Hurricane Sandy victims are either still in the dark or just getting power back, and it is freezing in the Northeast Corridor. This country is very divided after the election, with no clear leadership or anyone at the head of their parties willing to lay out a clear vision for this country. It seems that, with everyone tangled in these problems, there is not much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Our strong focus on capitalism and the free market, on competition, has led to many an economic recovery and prosperity. The free market is built on entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that you can build your own business and have the chance to start again.But let’s take a step back. Look at our country as a whole. We have endured through many harder times, and we have can always remember that we are still the freest nation on earth. We have had some bad times, but then we have turned around and gone through spectacular recoveries. Our freedoms of speech, religion, and expression and many others are treasured here in America. Although the President won reelection, that doesn’t mean that conservative voices will be silent.

Be positive this Thanksgiving – all is not doom and gloom. Find the bright side of life. Focus on the little things – an orange leaf falling from a tree, a hug from a relative, delicious turkey. Take a break from politics – watch some football, or visit family. We at Asdaqua wish you a very nice Thanksgiving. Eat a lot!


3 thoughts on “Reflecting on American Freedoms

  1. Stephen,

    This is a meditation on the meaning of that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, that is wise beyond your young years. I especially appreciated your closing paragraph. It’s important not to succumb to despair, the most debilitating of all emotions. I wish you, your readers, your blog partners, and your family a very happy belated Thanksgiving.


    Mr. Hughes (Dad’s work friend)

  2. Unfortunately, the fiscal cliff isn’t the only problem facing the United States right now. At some point in the first quarter, the country will again hit the “debt ceiling” – the same issue that roiled the markets in the summer of 2011 and prompted the automatic spending cuts that make up a portion of the fiscal cliff. To learn more about this issue, see my article What is the Debt Ceiling? A Simple Explanation of the Debate and Crisis .

  3. Thanks again Congress. It’s no wonder why this Congress is rated the worst the country ever had. Thanks for nothing Mitch, you’re a peach Boehner. If we cant be rid of you this Nov, this country is in real trouble.

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