Disney Buys Lucusfilm

Luke and Anakin Skywalker are now joining the ranks of Disney heroes.

Yes, the rumors are true that Disney bought Lucasfilm from founder and 100% owner George Lucas. Disney has been pursing the purchase of Lucasfilm, the owner of the Star Wars saga, for over one and one half  years. Lucas  will receive 4 billion dollars and 40 million shares from Disney. He is now the second largest non-institutional share holder behind the deceased Steve Jobs.

Disney Plans to release three new movies to the Star Wars Saga, Episode 7, coming out in 2015, Episode 8 in 2017 and Episode 9 in 2020. There are mixed reactions to the news many people have marked their calendars and are counting down the days until the release of the next movie in their favorite series. Others are  angry and frustrated that their favorite series is being made by a different set of people and it will be unoriginal.

There are treasure troves of books published that are set after the fall of the empire so there is no telling what the next movies are going to be like.


One thought on “Disney Buys Lucusfilm

  1. This Is The Apocalypse, Right? Has the Empire won? Like, did Luke and Leia and Han and everyone fail and all that is wrong in the world is happening now? Let’s not get carried away. Disney’s “Star Wars” is a scary idea, sure, but it’s not necessarily a bad one. Heck, it might even be a good one. Think about the possibilities: Pixar-animated “Star Wars” yarns, the unaltered original trilogy on Blu-ray (where Lucas was stubborn on this point, Disney will only see dollar signs), and brand new adventures starring some of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema. More “Star Wars” comes with lots of risk, but also lots of potential reward. As Yoda so wisely called it: “Do, or do not. There is no try.” For better or worse, Disney is doing it. And that takes some seriously sized space-balls.

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