Pokemon Black 2/Pokemon White 2 Review

Nintendo has returned this Fall with a sequel to one of their best-selling Pokemon games-which has never happened before-Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.

The origin for the original White and Black games were thought of as complete opposite games, as even though they use the same basic game play,  character habits and areas are different and somewhat altered in each game.  In these games, Pokemon fans are brought to a new, mystical region called Unova.  In this region, a small terrorist-like organization threatens to take away people’s Pokemon by brute force to “liberate” them.  This group goes by the name of “Team Plasma”.

After you find out that the king of this group is actually misled, the second-in-command officer named Ghestis admits that he was plotting the destruction of the world the entire time.  After you put him in his place, the game’s problem with Team Plasma ends, and everyone is happy.  Everyone is happy, except the fans of Nintendo.  With this past game’s story line and characters, fans wanted more.  And so, for the first time, Nintendo has made a straight sequel:  Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

In this new sequel, the story takes place two years after the last game’s events.  Your character starts out in a small town named Aspertia City.  Once again, the plotter from the last game, Ghestis, has formed the Neo-Team Plasma, a new group of grunts that are bent in world domination by means of covering the Unova region in ice.  The character’s friends from the last game have now moved on to being professors, gym leaders and so on.  It’s up to you to raise and train your Pokemon well to take on the National Pokemon League and finally put an end to Ghestis’ power!

The main theme of these games is that Ghestis and his followers have fused an Ice-Dragon type Pokemon with one of the two legendary Dragon Pokemon: Reshiram or Zekrom.  With these Pokemon, he wants to freeze Unova with the mighty power he has invested in with two years of waiting.    Zekrom is the spiritual symbol for truths, while Reshiram is the symbol of ideals.

This game is by far the best Pokemon game yet, with the same turn-based battle action with some twists!


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