Team Fortress 2: Crafting 4 Dummies


Crafting in Team Fortress 2 is another way to get weapons, rares, or hats.


Almost every recipe to craft requires 3 types of metals: Scrap, Reclaimed, or Refined. To get a piece of scrap metal, you need two similar class weapons. For example, if you take a Direct Hit and an Equalizer, you can combine them to get a piece of Scrap metal. Note that if you craft one non-tradable item and one tradable item, the scrap metal is non-tradable. To get a Reclaimed Metal, get 3 pieces of scrap metal(6 weapons). To get a refined metal, you need 3 pieces of reclaimed metal(18 weapons). Remember that you can always find weapons randomly just by playing. Refined metal maybe quite expensive, but remember that it is rarely used in weapon recipes and it usually is used in hat crafting. Remember that you can also take a refined metal and get 3 reclaimed metal in return.





There are two types of tokens: Class tokens and Slot Tokens. Both are used to get a random weapon or headgear. To get a class token, combine 3 of the same class weapons together(ie:Escape Plan, The Direct Hit, Black Box). To get a slot token,combine 3 of the same slot weapons(ie:The Overdose, The Soda Popper,The Black Box). Remember that combining 3 of the same weapons allows you to choose between a class or slot token.



x3=x1 orx1


In some of my posts, you may have noticed that you can get some weapons by crafting. Lets take the Black Box for example. To get a Black Box, you need to get 1 reclaimed metal and 1 direct hit. Keep in mind that you can find Direct hits just by playing the game. Now that you have these two items, go to the left sidebar. Press the items, and then crafting. Go to the regular recipes and scroll down to fabricate black box. Fill in the items and craft!


Crafting headgear is basically the same thing. Except only a few headgear you can specifically craft. All of those are set items.

x4=Random Headgear

x4+x1 ORx1=x1


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