School Tips Part 1/2 : Help Speed Up Math For You or Your Kid

This is real.  There are ads out there on the internet that say “Get your IQ up and get smarter!”.  They just want your money, their running a scam.  Curiosity Killed the Cat, and that’s how they get people to buy into their product.

I’m not making money off this, and I don’t want to scam people from their money, that’s just wrong.  What I want to do is help people and their kids perform better academically.  If you think this is going to be a bunch of baloney, go ahead and stop reading here, this is not for you.

For the people still reading, I encourage you to at least try this, it’s free, and just requires a few sheets of printed paper.

How this works:

If you’re a parent, just tell your child you’re going to help them with their basic math skills like their multiplication tables, addition, subtraction, and maybe even division.  The first time you get a chance after your child gets home, print out a math worksheet from and give it to your child face down.  Get a timer, and I will make a chart for approximate times that your child should be allowed to have for a certain number of questions.  This chart is good for all types of worksheets.  You do not have to follow this chart; it is more to give you an idea of how much time to give your child.

Chart for 60 Questions Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1-2 3:00 2:30 2:15
3-4 2:45 2:15 2:05
5-6 2:15 2:05 1:50
7-8 2:05 1:50 1:30
9+ 1:50 1:30 1:00

If you want to just do 30 questions- cut each time in half, but round down to the next multiple of five (ex. 2:15 becomes 1:05).

This is very simple, takes just a few minutes, and should bring results back fairly fast.  Thanks for reading, and I will be writing another post on helping Essay Writing Skills in a few days.


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