Team Fortress 2: Medic Guide

MEDIC!!!!!Hello everybody, and I am back with another guide! This time I will be reviewing the medic. Yes the man who answers the most commonly spammed phrase just by pressing E. Lets get on with the basics.

Basic Stats


Class:Medic, Support

Job: Doctor Assisted Homicide

Origin: Germany


The Medic has one of the smallest weapon ranges in the game. He holds a primary, medigun, and a melee.


Syringe Gun:(Stock)

While most defaults are good on classes, this weapon I would not suggest. Yet it fills its job when you have no one to heal, you can defend most points/carts by using your primary. Don’t try to go battle medic with this weapon. Clip:40 Total:40/150. Damage:10 Crit:30

Crusaders Crossbow:Buy or Craft(2 Scrap Metal+Huntsman)

I would only recommend this weapon if you also have the Amputator. This completes the Medieval Medic Set, which adds another point of health regen(base of 3 point regen). This weapon only has one clip at a time, and can heal an ally(depending on distance) with an arrow. Here is a table:                      Clip:1 Total: 1/38

Range             Heal per shot

Point Blank   75

Mid                  112

Long                150

Damage Table

Range          Damage  Crit     Minicrit

Point Blank 38            113     51

Medium 56                 168      77

Long 75                       225    101

Blutsauger:Buy or Unlock

This gun can be unlocked by getting 10 medic achievements. It reduces your base health regen by 2 in exchange for gaining 3 health per shot that hits an enemy. Clip:40 Total:150 Damage:10 Crit:30

The Overdose: Buy or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+1 crusaders crossbow+1 gloves of running urgently)

This is the other suggested medic primary. The damage decreases by 1 in exchange for increased movement speed depending on how filled your Ubercharge meter is. Clip:40 Total:150 Damage:9 Crit:27


Medigun: Stock

Mediguns obviously heal a teammate when you target them. Healing teammates increases your Ubercharge meter, a special ability given to every medigun. Note that setup time increases ubercharge rate. The medigun heals at a base of 25 per second. Its ubercharge grants its targeted ally invulnerability for 8 seconds. Note that you can switch targeted allies to share their Ubercharges. Due to its Ubercharge, I would recommend this weapon. In fact i recommend them all, as each Ubercharge is good for a specific purpose.

Kritzkrieg: Buy or Unlock

You can get this weapon by unlocking Medic Milestone II. This has a 25% faster heal rate. Instead of invulnerability as a Ubercharge, the Kritzkrieg grants critical damage for 8 seconds.

The Quick Fix: Buy or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+mad milk+kritzkrieg)

This weapon has a 40% faster heal rate, and a 25% faster Ubercharge rate. You get the speed of any person who is faster than you that is being healed by you. For example, you will get the Scouts speed when you heal him. Keep in mind that healing a heavy will not reduce your speed. The Ubercharge grants you 300% healing rate, and makes you immune to movement imparing effects(slow).



Damage:65 Crit:195

Ubersaw: Buy or Unlock

You can get this weapon by unlocking Medic Milestone III. On hit of an enemy, you get 25% of your Ubercharge meter filled up. You can go a battle medic build, with the Ubersaw, Overdose, and the default medigun. Hit an enemy 4 times and then activate your Ubercharge to be invulnerable and escape. Damage:65 Crit:195

Amputator: Buy or Craft(1 scrap metal+1 Vitasaw)

This weapon, along with the Crusader’s Crossbow grants you another point of health regen. When you taunt with this weapon, you get a aura that heals nearby allies. Damage:65 Crit; 195

Vita-saw: Buy or Craft(2 scrap metals+1 ubersaw)

In exchange for 10 less health, you can regain 20% of your Ubercharge when you revive from death. Damage:65 Crit:195

Solemn Vow: Buy or Craft(2 reclaimed metal+8 Jarates)

This is a statue that, on chosen, can see enemy’s health. This makes you a temporary spy. Damage:65 Crit:195


Medic Tips

  • NEVER POCKET HEAL. Always heal everybody for at least a couple of seconds. The overheal will benefit everyone. Fully overhealed classes are very durable(Scout:185, Soldier:300, Heavy:450)
  • Switch mediguns depending on situation. Remember that Kritzkriegs are good with Soldiers, Demomen, and sometimes Heavys. Use the Quick Fix for a quick getaway for the whole team, like returning the intelligence.
  • Split Ubercharges. One second in TF2 is huge. If you can manage to share your Default Ubercharge, you just might save your team and they can get objectives like pushing the cart
  • YOU ARE NOT WEAK. You have a bonesaw that can 2 shot most classes. Use it. Battlel medics are huge because with the Ubersaw, it only takes 4 hits and then switch to your medigun to become invincible and escape


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