Gov. Romney Comes Out on Top After the First Presidential Debate

Most people declared Gov. Romney the winner over Pres. Obama in the very first presidential debate of this campaign at Denver CO. Both  had good points but Obama seemed to be off his game. He repeatedly accused Romney of a 5 trillion-dollar tax cut on the wealthy along with other false accusations and Romney corrected him each time. Finally Romney had enough and he told the president “As president you are entitled to your own home, your own plane but not your own facts.”

The Debate was very disorganized in part because Jim Lehrer, the moderator, wasn’t doing much moderating. He let the Segments go on for way too long and let both candidates go over time. In total Pres. Obama got four minutes of extra speaking time but this did not deter Romney. Obama also stumbled with his answers on healthcare which was not good news for him. Romney on the other hand was hard-hitting and aggressive and was well prepared for everything Obama dished out. He also had each step of his plan planned out.

Romney’s debate was considered better than Ronald Reagan’s first debate by some, as you may know Reagan was known for his debate skills.  With election day around the corner Pres. Obama needs to get his head in the game if he wants another four years.


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