New iPods to Be Released This October

With the iPhone 5 hitting it’s 3 week of release, there are still those who want a new iPod. Well, this month is for you. Apple is releasing the brand new iPod touch and iPod nano.

First, the iPod touch. The 5th generation of the iPod touch will feature the same 4-inch Retina display as the iPhone 5, will feature a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash as well as the new FaceTime HD camera and 1080p video recording. It will have the new Lightning connector introduced with the iPhone 5 and the new EarPods. It also has a new way to carry it that Apple is calling “iPod touch loop”. You just push the metallic button on the back and put on the rubber wrist strap, press it again and there you go. The loop will come with every new iPod touch. This will also be the first iPod touch to feature colored aluminium backs, available in Graphite, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and a (Product) RED version. Oh yeah, this one has Siri. It will start at $299 for a 32 GB version and the 4th generation will stay at $199, but it now has 16 GB.

Second, the iPod nano. This nano features the biggest screen on a nano yet, reaching 2.5 inches. The nano itself is about the size of an average credit card. It comes with the new EarPods. It is the first nano with on-board volume controls and the same controls on the EarPods. It features an operating system like the old nano (which resembled iOS), but now has a home button. It also has an FM radio. The new nano will be $199 for the 16 GB model.

With the holiday season coming up, the new iPods and the iPhone 5 are going to be Apple’s big money makers. If you want to make sure you get yours, you can preorder a new iPod from Apple.


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