Al-Qaeda Attacks U. S. Consulate in Benghazi, Mobs Attack Cairo Embassy

September 11, 2012. Last Tuesday, angry mobs stormed the U. S. Embassy in Cairo and the U. S. Consulate in Benghazi, brutally murdering four U. S. diplomats including our Ambassador to Libya, Jay Christopher Stevens. They also breached our walls and took down the American Flag and ridiculed it, then raised some Al-Qaeda flag. This was a direct attack on sovereign U. S. soil.

Allegedly, this all started when some nut in California released an anti-Islam film on YouTube which caused an uproar in the Middle East which led to the death of four U. S. diplomats. But it wasn’t the film. Since then, after the Obama administration kept on saying this was a spontaneous attack, it was all caused by the video, and so on. But officials from the National Counterterrorism Center finally confirmed this week that the attack was with no doubt made by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and was in fact premeditated.

The U. S. Embassy in Cairo released a bizarre statement which condemned not the mobs who attacked them, but the maker of the film.

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

This does not sound like it would come from Americans at all. The Embassy has since stood by this statement, even after the events on Tuesday unfolded. The Obama administration has tried to distance themselves from the statement.

Meanwhile, presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave a speech condemning the hateful attacks and the murders of our diplomats. The speech sounded very presidential, and it was definitely the right thing to do.

“This attack on American individuals and embassies is outrageous. It’s disgusting. It breaks the heart of all of us who think of these people who have served during their lives the cause of freedom and justice and honor. We mourn their loss. And join together in prayer that the spirit of the Almighty might comfort the families of those who have been so brutally slain…

…America will not tolerate attacks against our citizens and against our embassies. We’ll defend, also, our constitutional rights of speech and assembly and religion. We have confidence in our cause in America. We respect our Constitution. We stand for the principles our Constitution protects. We encourage other nations to understand and respect the principles of our Constitution. Because we recognize that these principles are the ultimate source of freedom for individuals around the world.

I also believe the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning their actions. It’s never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and to defend our values.

The White House distanced itself last night from the statement saying it wasn’t cleared by Washington. That reflects the mixed signals they’re sending to the world.

The attacks in Libya and Egypt underscore that the world remains a dangerous place. And American leadership is still sorely needed. In the face of this violence, America cannot shrink from the responsibility to lead. American leadership is necessary to ensure that events in the region don’t spin out of control. We cannot hesitate to use our influence in the region to support those who share our values and our interests.”

The interior of the U. S. Consulate in Benghazi after the terrorist attacks.

The media jumped on this, claiming that he “acted too soon,” because for some unknown reason it was bad to criticize a president in the middle of a foreign policy crisis when that same president did not act quickly, take any action, or even give a speech until 10 hours after our ambassador was murdered.

Speaking of which, our very own President Obama gave a short “press event” the day after the attacks, saying little more than offering condolences to the Stevens family and then turning his back on the reporters – he didn’t take any questions. After that, he was off on a plane to do some fundraising. In Las Vegas. Since the attacks, he has not done anything in particular other than the same old request for money, money, money and attacking Romney for being rich.

Later that week, we learned that Hilary Clinton’s State Department had been tipped off by sources 48 hours before the attacks that al-Qaeda had something up their sleeve, but they didn’t do anything. No high-alerts, no meetings with the Secretary of Defense, no nothing. They just sat there. And after the attacks occurred, they sat there! They did not do anything until 10 hours later, after Mitt Romney, of all people, had already righteously spoken out against the attacks, and even then it was a half-step. Of course, Obama had to launch political attacks on Romney. They claimed that he had ‘jumped the gun’ and spoken too soon, before all the facts were revealed. These attacks were hypocritical, as Obama and Clinton were both condemning the same attack and the same Embassy statement that Romney had.

A great opinion article by John Nolte on Breitbart said this:

“This is the kind of weak-kneed, bow and scrape weakness that invites aggression, and Romney didn’t need 10 hours like the White House did to finally state that nothing justifies these attacks or any kind of violence or any kind of infringement on free speech. Romney acted decisively and stood up immediately as President Obama dithered in front of the entire world.

So,  yes, Romney shot first without aiming because he doesn’t need 10 hours to aim when it comes to standing up to Islamists and standing for freedom of speech.”

On a different note, the corrupt media has been saying over and over that these attacks on our embassy in Cairo and our consulate in Benghazi were caused by that anti-Islamic trailer on YouTube – but of course, that wasn’t it.

It wasn’t the fault of any film. That was an excuse given by Obama and the liberal media to the attackers to partially justify what they did. They sacked our consulate and murdered four Americans not because of a YouTube video, but because they hate America. This was not spontaneous. This was carefully planned by al-Qaeda and carried out on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, and the State Department was aware that they were going to happen 48 HOURS before they occurred! The body of Chris Stevens was dragged through the streets of Benghazi to display to the cheering citizens of Libya, while they defaced our flag and torched posters of Obama. This is a sickening display of this president’s foreign policy.

The maker of the film is currently in hiding in the U. S. He is in hiding, under threat of his life! In this country, we have freedom of speech. This filmmaker could make whatever film he wanted to without consequences. This is the difference between democracy in America and so-called democracy in the Middle East. You cannot have true democracy without a civil society – one that is tolerant and one that thinks rationally. If someone released a film that was degrading to Christians, for example, you wouldn’t see Americans marching on Times Square, torching buildings. No! The American people would shrug it off and continue with their normal lives. But that’s not so with the Middle East.

The bodies of the four American diplomats were recovered and sent back to the U. S. for a formal ceremony in which President Obama and Secretary Clinton were present.

The Obama administration has stated that they are no longer answering questions on the topic, and they have assigned the FBI to deal with the situation. The FBI – as if this were some criminal act. This is no criminal act, it is a direct terrorist attack on sovereign U. S. soil, and nothing is being done about it!

Oh, excuse me. I’m supposed to be angry about Romney’s tax returns.


2 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda Attacks U. S. Consulate in Benghazi, Mobs Attack Cairo Embassy

  1. First of all, “raised some al-qaeda flag?” The flag that they rose said “There is no God but Allah;” that’s not a phrase that al-Qaeda invented, it’s one of the core beliefs of Islam in general. Regardless of whether or not what those people did was right (I believe it was horribly wrong of them to do), you can’t just claim that al-Qaeda had anything to do with this. All you do by falsely distorting the facts like that is contribute to the problem.

    And I don’t get what you’re saying by “this does not sound like it would come from Americans at all” in response to the Embassy’s condemning of the “Innocence of Muslims” film. (Which you never referred to by name, obviously because you haven’t watched it yourself.) As far as I’m aware, religious tolerance is one of the core principles we stand by in the United States, at least among the non-extremists who know a thing or two about how the world works. The attacks were unacceptable and crazy, but don’t forget that it was crazy thinking that was behind the film that started this in the first place. Plus, if you really dislike this statement so much as to call it un-American, surely you should be appreciating the Obama Administration for trying to distance themselves from it.

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