Team Fortress 2 – Soldier Guide



Hello everybody and welcome to my Team Fortress 2 Soldier Guide. Team Fortress 2 is a FPS cartoon game where you can play up to 9 classes (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Demoman, Engineer, Spy, Sniper, and Medic). Today I will be going over the Soldier.

The Soldier, is a proud patriot from the US. His main armanant is a rocket launcher, which deals a lot of damage and can also send him flying in the air. His secondary is a Shotgun and his melee is a shotgun. I would suggest Soldier to be your starting class, as it is very easy to master the easy parts. I will review his weapons, how to play him, and additional stats.

Basic Stats

Name: Unknown; Referred to as “Mister Jane Doe”

Location of origin: Midwest, USA

Job: Shock & Awe

Motto: “I’m a Rocket Man.”

Favourite World War: 2

Special ability: Rocket jump

Description: Though he wanted desperately to fight in World War 2, the Soldier was rejected from every branch of the U.S. military. Undaunted, he bought his own ticket to Europe. After arriving and finally locating Poland, the Soldier taught himself how to load and fire a variety of weapons before embarking on a Nazi killing spree for which he was awarded several medals that he designed and made himself. His rampage ended immediately upon hearing about the end of the war in 1949.



Rocket Launcher(RECOMMENDED): Stock

This is your default launcher when you first start the game. This is probably the best weapon for a soldier to use, as it has no drawbacks yet no upgrades. Damage:90 Critical:270 Clip: 4 rockets Total:4/20

Rocket Launcher

The Original(RECOMMENDED): Buy($1.99) or Craft(2 Scrap Metal+1 Reclaimed Metal)

This is a skin for your default launcher, and bascially the same. The only difference is the look and that the weapon will be in the center, unlike most weapons which are on the right. Damage:90 Critical:270 Clip: 4 rockets Total:4/20


The Direct Hit:Buy($0.49) or Unlock

You get this launcher when you unlock Soldier Achievement Milestone II, which requires you to unlock 16 achievements. At first glance, it seems to be better than the regular. The rockets are 80% faster when launched, they deal 25% more damage, and guarantees mini-crits to enemies who are sent airborne by the blast. Yet the only drawback is that each rocket has 70%less splash radius. That means that unless you can aim your rockets directly at your opponents, this launcher deals no damage. Damage:112 Crit:338 Clip:4 rockets Total: 4/20

Direct Hit

The Rocket Jumper: Buy($0.49) or Craft(Class Token Soldier+Slot Token Primary+Scrap Metal. This will create a random primary weapon, do not expect to get this weapon)

This launcher I have not used, but it is used entirely for one purpose: Rocket Jumping. When you rocket jump, you take damage, but gain great mobility from it. With this, you take no damage from the gun, and have double the ammo carried. Unfortunately, you deal no damage, and cannot carry the Intelligence on CTF modes. This gun can work if you are a master with the soldier’s other weapons, the melee and the shotguns. Damage:0 Crits:0 Clip:4 Total:4/60

Rocket Jumper

The Black Box(RECOMMENDED):Buy($0.99) or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+The Direct Hit)

This launcher is one of the top ones you should use, other than the default launcher. On hit, it restores 15 of your health, and since you have a total of 200, it is great for dueling and sustain. It reduces clip size by 25%Damage:90 Crit: 270 Clip: 3 rockets Total:3/20

Black Box

The Liberty Launcher: Buy($4.99) or Craft(2 reclaimed metal+The Black Box)

This launcher provides 40% rocket speed but reduces clip size by 25%. Unlike the Black Box, which has the same drawback, I find that it isn’t worth it, as it only makes it harder for Pryos to airblast your rockets. I found this in a game, and later just smelt it into metal. Damage:90 Crit:270 Clip:3 Total:3/20

Liberty Launcher

The Cow Mangler 5000: Buy($9.99) or Craft(1 reclamied metal+The Black Box)

This weapon is a futrastic laser weapon. It may seem cool, but it doesn’t do that much. It requires no ammo, and a 25% larger clip size. It has an alternate fire, which allows it to charge up, and set people on fire or stun buildings for 4 seconds. It deals 10% less damage, no random crits, cannot be crit boosted, and deals 20% less damage to buildings. This could only be good at taking down a sentry nest. Damage:81 Charged Up:101 Clip:5

Cow Mangler 5000

The Beggar’s Bazooka: Buy($2.49) or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+ 3 Direct Hits)

This weapon fires in a unique way. When starting off, you have no rockets loaded and have to load 3 rockets at once. Releasing the fire button will release the 3 rockets. The rockets are less accurate, and if you load a 4th rocket, you deal damage to yourself. This is situational when facing groups, but otherwise, unless you find someone to shoot at, you can find yourself wasting a volley of rockets.

Beggar's Bazooka


Shotgun(RECOMMENDED): Stock

This weapon is very common amongst many classes, and is actually one of the best soldier secondary weapons. Good amount of bullets in one clip allows you to deal with enemies you haven’t killed with your rockets. Damage:60 Total:180 Clip: 6 bullets Total:6/32


Buff Banner(RECOMMENDED): Buy($0.49) or Unlock

Now this actually is a backpack rather than a weapon. You can get this weapon by unlocking Soldier Milestone III which is  17 achievements. You can charge up your banner by dealing 600 damage(from 0%to100%), and when it reaches 100%, you can activate it so that you and people around you gain crits for 10 seconds. Very good item for damage and supporting your team. Get this weapon or the Shotgun.

Buff Banner

Battalions Backup: Buy($0.99) or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+Buff Banner)

This is similar to the Buff Banner, but instead of crits, it nulls any crits to damage you and reduces damage buy 35%. You need to receive 350 points of damage in order to activate this. It would be very hard to charge this without dying, and you would have to get a lot of health packs or medic. I would recommend the Buff Banner over this.

Battalion's Backup

The Concheror: Buy($1.99) or Craft(1 scrap metal+Battalions Backup)

This is also a backpack item. It gives your team 35% of the damage they dealt returned as health. Deal 48o damage to fully charge it. I would not recommend this item. Buff Banner>Battalions Backup>Concheror.


The Reserve Shooter: Buy($4.99) or Craft(2 reclaimed metal+ Frontier Justice)

This is like your regular shotgun, but it is very situational and a bad item. It mini-crits airborne targets, and has a 15% faster weapon switch. You may choose to equip this just for the faster weapon switch, but the difference is quite minimal. Damage:60 Total:180 Clip: 3 bullets Total:3/32

Reserve Shooter

Gunboats:Buy($0.99) or Craft(1 Razerback+1 Chargin Targe)

This is a show that you can put on. Grants 60% less self-damage by rockets, including rocket jumps. However doesn’t affect fall damage. This is great if you learned rocket jumping, but I would rather take the Buff Banner or the Shotgun.


Mantreads: Buy($4.99) or Craft(1 Refined Metal+Gunboats)

This is also a shoe item and reduces 75% in push force taken from damage. Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on. This is not that good, though it is fun to kill a Heavy by landing on them.


The Righteous Bison: Buy($7.49) or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+Battalions Backup)

This is also like the Cow Mangler 5000. It shoots an electric projectile instead of shotgun pellets. May hit target players multiple times.Can light friendly Huntsman arrows on fire. Projectile penetrates enemy targets and cannot be deflected. Unfortunately it only deals only 20% damage to buildings, and has a 33% smaller clip size. Damage:16 Crit: 36-60 Clip:4

Righteous Bison


Shovel: Stock

This weapon is your default weapon, and generally this is the only default weapon on soldier I would not suggest. You shouldn’t be using your melee weapon on soldier, and the best is the Escape Plan or the Disciplinary Action. Damage:65 Crit: 195


The Equalizer: Buy($0.99) or Unlock(Soldier Milestone I)

This was actually a combination of the Equalizer and the Escape Plan. Now they split into two weapons. You can unlock this weapon by getting Soldier Milestone I, unlocking 5 achievements. This weapon increases in damage the less health you have. You can not be healed by a medic or ask for medic. I wouldn’t get this because you would be kited around and died before you get near someone, unless you can ambush them low health. You should be able to mow them down if you’re that close. Damage:33-113 Crit:99-339


Half-Zatoichi: Buy($1.99) or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+2 Eyelander)

This is an ok weapon, as a kill will restore your entire HP. The only thing is that once drawn, you can not switch weapons unless a kill is secured. Any other people carrying this weapon gets insta-killed. I have not used this weapon, but can definitely imagine being kited around and gibbed. Damage:65 Crit: 195


Pain Train: Buy($0.99) or Craft(1 scrap metal+Sandman)

This weapon allows you to basically a Scout, cap control points, push carts 2 times faster. It also makes you 10% vulnerable to bullet damage. I don’t suggest this weapon. Damage:65    Crit :195

Pain Train

Disciplinary Action(RECOMMENDED): Buy($4.99) or Craft(2 reclaimed metal+Pain Train)

This allows you to speed yourself as well as your teammates when you hit them. This is a VERY good weapon and makes you a great teamplayer. Damage:65 Crit:195

Disciplinary Action

Market Gardener: Buy($2.49) or Craft(1 reclaimed metal+Gunboats+Pain Train)

This is just like the Reserve Shooter, very very VERY situational and hard to use. This removes any random crits but deals crits when you are rocket jumping. Damage: 65 Crit:195

Market Gardener

The Escape Plan(RECOMMENDED): Buy or Craft(1 scrap metal+The Disciplinary Action) or Have the Equalizer before the split

This is the same concept as the Equalizer, but instead of increased damage, your move speed is increased. This is very good if you are at low health, and can basically move to safety to get a health pack or a medic. Make sure to switch back to your rocket launcher, as the medics can’t heal you with the Escape Plan on. Damage:65 Crit:195

Health range:300-161 Speed(Units per Second)240  Speed Increase:0%
Health range:160-121  Speed(Units per Second)264  Speed Increase:10%
Health range:120-81    Speed(Units per Second)288   Speed Increase: 20% Faster than Demoman
Health range:80-41      Speed(Units per Second)336   Speed Increase:40% Faster than Medic
Health range:40-1         Speed(Units per Second)384   Speed Increase:60% Faster than Scout(96% of the time)

Escape Plan

Basic Strategies

In this segment I will go over the basics in soldier gameplay under the 7 different game types.


If you are on attack, make sure to use your Buff Banner to help your team to break sentry nests when you just come out of spawn. If you have trouble breaking the line, try flanking their line with your rocket jump and pop a couple rockets into them. After you cap the first control point, continue on with using the Buff Banner and flanking.

On defense, you will also want to use the Buff Banner as a support item. Usually the second control point is easier to defend.


You should repeat the steps on attack/defend.

Control Points

Use rocket jump to quickly reach the battlefield as well as to flank. Use the Disciplinary Action to get your teammates to the action as well.

Capture the Flag


Special Delivery

As a soldier, you are not well on getting the Australium, but you are very mobile in stopping the enemy team from capping. Use your rocket jump effectively to reach the platform while it is being raised. If you are not proficient with the rocket jump, then you can always go to the high ground in front of the rocket and shoot them with your rockets.

King of the Hill


Payload Race

Maps like Hightower are especially good at for soldiers, as they have many places for rocket jumping.

Advanced Tactics

Rocket Jumping is what makes soldiers who they are. If they couldn’t rocket jump, then they would be like a demoman without sticky jumping.

To do a simple jump, shoot your rocket launcher at your feet. This won’t give you much height or distance, but shooting to the side, or behind tends to work the best.

Here is how you get the greatest maximum height or distance. For height, run up to the place you want to land(usually a higher spot), and just as you hit the wall, turn to your right, jump AND crouch, then shoot your rocket launcher. This should give you the highest jump. For distance, just repeat the steps, but instead of turning right, turn behind you. This can get you from spawn to the battlefield really quick. Just make sure to switch to your Escape Plan for a speed boost and grab a medkit before gibbing!

Ending Remarks

The Soldier is one of the most versatile classes. It’s mobile and can dish out huge amounts of damage. He can be very dangerous if you had mastered him, including the rocket jump. See you on the field.




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