Network Update: 9/3/12

Hello everyone! A lot has happened at Asdaqua since my previous Network Update, and there is a lot planned for the weeks and months ahead.

Another school year, another year of Asdaqua!

We’ll soon be saying hello to Asdaqua’s 1-year anniversary (September 10) and TWiN’s 2-year anniversary (December 19)! With a new year, some changes are going to roll out soon.

Show Lineup for 2012-2013

  • TWiN
    • Rotating panel
  • Tech Check
    • Hosts: Stephen and Tal
  • Tal’s Talk Time
    • Host: Tal
  • Travis’s WOW
    • Host: Michael
  • Gaming show (name TBD)
    • Hosts: Allen and Michael
  • Reviews show (name TBD)
    • Hosts: Derek and Stephen
  • TWiN Specials
    • Stingray Hunter
      • Host: Beck
    • 3 new music videos!! :)

These are our new shows! Well, yes, none of them are really new, as the Gaming and Reviews shows were split up from the Tech Check. The goal this year is to keep all shows under 10 minutes so that our viewers will not lose interest.

We were planning to add these shows:

  • Roundtable show
  • Interviews show
  • Fake news show
  • Politics show
  • War history show

These shows had to be cancelled because we simply cannot record that many shows and not many people would watch a history show or a fake news show. Also, the anchors didn’t want to host the history and roundtable show. The interviews show was a good idea at first, but Asdaqua just dosn’t have the space for more people to do a interview show. If you really, really want to see one of these shows happen, comment below.

Refocusing of Articles

Going forward, Asdaqua will be more focused on current events news, politics, and technology rather than things like history and periodicals. You’ll see them once in a while, but we will mainly write news posts. You’ll start seeing more politics and world news articles after the Democratic National Convention this week.

New Categories!

Yes, once again, we have reorganized the categories – this time to focus on news. The whole “News” parent category is gone (it’s still there, but it’s not on the menu) and categories like U. S. news and World news were moved onto the main menu. Reviews is gone, with “Tech + Gadgets” reviews under Technology, “Games” reviews under Gaming, and “Gear” reviews under Other.


I recently called Leo Laporte on his Tech Guy radio show and he gave us a plug to our website, which drove in thousands of views, so THANK YOU so much! Leo’s sites are: TWiT.TV and I’ve been listening to him for years, and he has really great tech advise. Check it out!


As you may know, we came out with new logos last month. I designed all of the logos, and all I used was PowerPoint! It didn’t take long at all. My cousin David designed the main Tal’s Talk Time logo. And I really like the way they turned out. Do you? Respond in the comments below. You’ll be seeing the logos on our upcoming shows!

Stats Update

Total views in the past 30 days: 5,618 views

NEW RECORD: August 19 – 1,597 views!!!

Average views per day: 68 views

Top 5 posts in the past 30 days:

  1. Romney-Ryan: America’s Comeback Team – 88 views
  2. Asdaqua on TWiT! – 78 views
  3. TWiN Episode 17 – 75 views
  4. Funny Things to Ask Siri – 68 views
  5. Tech Tip of the Week #1: Keyboard Shortcuts – 60 views

Top 10 countries in the past 30 days:

  1. United States – 4,139 views
  2. United Kingdom – 297 views
  3. Canada – 178 views
  4. Australia – 101 views
  5. Sweden – 47 views
  6. Phillipines – 36 views
  7. Norway – 35 views
  8. Turkey, Greece, Germany – 31 views
  9. Poland – 23 views
  10. India, Mexico, Switzerland – 21 views

(We also had views from Brazil, France, Taiwan, Italy, Austria, Morocco, Russia, Belgium, Spain, and 53 more countries!!

Fun Facts:

  • 254 posts
  • 29 categories
  • 948 tags
  • 5,568 total video views
  • 34 YouTube subscribers

21,239 views all-time!


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