iPad Mini?

 We’ve all seen the Apple iPad, and you’ve probably seen how big the iPad is compared to other tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. Is making a smaller sized iPad the next logical thing for Apple to do?

Personally, I think a smaller iPad would be interesting, because it would allow more portability to the iPad as well as allowing business men to keep all there notes in a smaller tablet. But, I do not think a 7.85 inch “iPad Mini” would catch on as much as people think it would. An iPad combines a computer with a iPod touch, and when you try to make that product smaller, you just end up with a bigger iPod touch. Also, why would Apple need to make a smaller iPad? The iPad is still leading the tablet market, so why make another alteration? I do not think making a smaller iPad is worth it, but thats just my opinion. While Apple is rumored to be making a smaller iPad to rival the Kindle, Amazon is planning to make its own smartphone. Even if Amazon tries they’re hardest, they will never take the smartphone business from Apple. 


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