Asdaqua on TWiT!

A huge thanks to Leo Laporte, host of The Tech Guy show, for giving us a plug on his radio program. I encourage all of you to visit TWiT and the Tech Guy Labs.

My call starts at 29:36.


6 thoughts on “Asdaqua on TWiT!

  1. Just heard about you on TWiT. Way to go man. I’m encouraged to see someone at your age doing something worthwhile. I commend your father for supporting you. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  2. Just read about you on Leo’s TechGuy Labs show notes. Leo’s absolutely right, about the ads. You might not make a whole lot of money now, but your hard work and dedication will open a whole lot of doors for you.


  3. Hi Steven. I just realized that you’re hosted by, and they won’t allow you to monetize your site unless you have huge amounts of traffic.

    I’d recommend signing up for hosting from someone like HostGator, and moving your WordPress site there. Once you’re up and running you can place Google AdSense ads.

    Besides AdSense, you can also make money through affiliate advertising. Affiliate ads work by placing a cookie on a reader’s computer whenever they click on an affiliate ad. If that reader ends up purchasing the product within a certain time period (usually 30-60 days), you get a commission on the sale.

    For example, you could become a HostGator affiliate, and place their banners on your site. If someone clicks one of those banners and signs up for hosting within 60 days, you earn $50.

    The key is sign up for affiliate programs that offer products you think would be most relevant to your readers. ShareASale, ClickBank, and Amazon Associates are other popular affiliate programs you should look into.

    Best of luck to you all!

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