London Olympics 2012: Final Day

In the final day of the Olympics, we start of with the USA vs. Spain rematch for the basketball gold. At half and 3rd Quarter, the US led by one, but in the 4th quarter the lead increased dramatically. Led by Lebron James, Kevin Durant(who is now the top scorer of all of the Olympics, and Chris Paul, they win 107-100.  This is end for Jerry Colangelo and Coach K as the cognoscenti of USA Basketball, and the 12 gold medalists return to the NBA.

Many people did not expect Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda to win the marathon with the time of 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 1 second. Silver went to Able Kirui of Kenya, and bronze to another Kenyan, Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich. The gold wasn’t quite over for Great Britain. In what might have been the top boxing fight of the Games, Anthony Joshua defeated Roberto Cammarelle of Italy in the super heavyweight final. The fight went to  total punch count back after the score was tied at 18. It may have been a bit of a hometown decision, but it’s still a gold medal for the hosts, their 29th of these Olympics.

Brazil looked like they would cruise to gold in men’s volleyball after taking the first two sets against Russia. However, the Russians stormed back though, taking the third set 29-27 and following up with a 25-22 victory in the fourth. The fifth set was almost a foregone conclusion as Russia romped the shell shocked Brazilians 15-9 to take the gold. Italy defeated Bulgaria in four sets for bronze. In men’s water polo, Croatia defeated Italy 8-6 for gold. Serbia held off former countrymen Montenegro 12-11 for bronze.

The United States finishes these Games with 104 medals: 46 gold, 29 silver, and 29 bronze. In total, 85 nations won medals (with Bahrain, Botswana, Cyprus, Gabon, Grenada, Guatemala, and Montenegro winning their first ever), and 54 nations won at least one gold.

1. United States 104 (46 G, 29 S, 29 B)
2. China 87 (38 G, 27 S, 22 B)
3. Russia 82 (24 G, 25 S, 33 B)
4. Great Britain 65 (29 G, 17 S, 19 B)
5. Germany 44 (11 G, 19 S, 14 B)
6. Japan 38 (7 G, 14 S, 17 B)
7. Australia 35 (7 G, 16 S, 12 B)
8. France 34 (11 G, 11 S, 12 B)
9. South Korea 28 (13 G, 8 S, 7 B)
10. Italy 28 (8 G, 9 S, 11 B)

Canada 18 (1 G, 5 S, 12 B)
Spain 17 (3 G, 5 S, 9 B)
Brazil 17 (3 G, 5 S, 9 B)
Cuba 14 (5 G, 3 S, 6 B)
Iran 12 (4 G, 5 S, 3 B)
Jamaica 12 (4 G, 4 S, 4 B)
Kenya 11 (2 G, 4 S, 5 B)
Mexico 7 (1 G, 3 S, 3 B)
North Korea 6 (4 G, 0 S, 2 B)
Greece 2 (0 G, 0 S, 2 B)

In other words, it was a great Olympics, and I will see you in Rio in 2016!


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