London Olympics 2012: Day 11

After missing bronze in the gymnastics all round final to a tiebreaker, Aly Raisman wins bronze on the balance beam, finally winning gold on the floor exercise. Linding Deng of China won the gold on the balance beam. Unfortunately, Gabby fell during the balance beam, only claiming 7th. Jordyn Wieber also claimed 7th on the floor exercise.

In the women’s 110 meter hurdles, all 3 Americans made it to the finals, but Australia’s Sally Pearson takes gold, while Lolo Jones takes 4th.  In the men’s high jump, Erik Kynard won the silver, just out jumped by Russian Ivan Ukhov. It was a tight field, as evidenced by the three bronze medals that were awarded. The men’s 1500 meters though might have the most controversal winner yet. Taoufik Makhloufi of Algeria won the race, he only stayed in the 1500 after his coaches claimed an injury.Leo Manzano won the silver for the United States, while Matt Centrowitz’s powerful finishing kick left him just .04 out of the medals.

In beach volley ball, Misty May and Kerri Walsh defaet the team from China in two close sets, while April Ross and Jen Kessy upset the Brazillians. The two teams will face each other in the finals. Errol Spence became the last American boxer left, as a decision against him is reserved.



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