Olympic Fun Facts

  • No country in the Southern Hemisphere has ever hosted a Winter Games.
  • The five rings of the Olympic flag symbolize Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas and are said to be ‘linked together in friendship.’ At least one of the rings’ colors – blue, black, green, yellow, and red – appear on every national flag of the world.
  • Did you ever wonder why the official distance of a marathon was exactly 26 miles, 385 yards? In 1908, the marathon standard had been set at exactly 26 miles. However, at the Olympic marathon in London, it was decided that the royal family needed a better view of the finish line so organizers added an extra 385 yards to the race so the finish line would be in front of the royal box. And it’s been that way ever since.
  • The United States has won the most medals in the sumer games with 2,435
  • In the first modern Olympics, Athens 1896, first place winners were awarded silver medals and olive branches. Second place contestants were awarded bronze medals and third place finishers left empty handed.
  • And you thought they just used a match. Did you know that traditionally the Olympic flame in Olympia, Greece is rekindled every two years using the sun’s rays and a concave reflective mirror?
  •  Stockholm 1912 saw the last gold medals made entirely from gold. Current medals are gold-plated and contain 1.34% gold and 92.5% silver.

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