London Olympics 2012: Day 8

In Day 8, we conclude the swimming events with the 1500meter freestyle, and the women and men’s 4x100meter relay. We start with China’s Sun Yang, who won gold in the 1500 meter freestyle. He broke his own world record, and flew past the competition, leaving the second place(Canada’s Ryan Cochrane) and third place(Tunisia’s Oussama Mellouli) by seven seconds. Sun Yang almost did not get the gold, when he jumped before the gun. A frustrated Sun Yang returned back to his starting position, and it was found out that he heard a noise in the crowd and jumped.

In the 4×100 relays, the USA women’s team dominated the competition, and broke the world record. Missy Franklin swam backstroke, with Rebecca Soni swimming breathstroke, followed up by Dana Vollmer who swam fly, and finally Allison Schmitt with a big final leg with the freestyle. All four of these athletes won gold in each of the strokes they swam in the relay. It was Michael Phelps last Olympics swim event, and it was a grand one. Matt Greaver(backstroke), Brendan Hansen(breaststroke), Phelps(Fly), and Nathan Adrien(freestyle) won gold, while Japan takes silver and Australia takes bronze. Phelps ends his Olympic career with 18 golds, 2 silver, and 2 bronze, a total of 22.

The women's 4x100 relay team celebrates another gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London.

In tennis Serena wins gold over Maria Sharapova, 6-0 6-1, becoming the second woman to win all the grand slam titles and the gold medal. After a tough game, the USA basketball team prevails over Lithuania, after Lebron James’s tough run in the final four minutes of the match, winning 99-94.

2012 Olympics


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