Network Update: 7/17/12

Hello all and welcome to another Network Update. Today I’ll be going over some changes to the site, as well as some plans for the summer that we have.

Changes @ Asdaqua

New Theme!!

As you may have noticed, Asdaqua has adopted a new theme! Recent posts now display in a three-column layout below the Featured Posts slider, with lots of pictures to engage the viewer and catch your attention. The menu bar is now above the “Asdaqua” header (sorry about that). The Featured Posts slider buttons now have numerical labels, making it easier to figure out that there are more posts. Pages and posts now have a full-width layout, without a sidebar. This allows for more space for content. (Don’t worry, the widgets that used to be in the sidebars are at the bottom of the page.) Finally, posts with YouTube videos in them now display those videos full-width, about twice the size of the regular player.

Menu Makeover

The menu bar at the top of the website has gotten a major makeover, with categories being more logically grouped and renamed. For example, “Military History” has been renamed “American History”, with “Civil War” and “World War II” as sub-categories. I thought that would make more sense than the earlier grouping, because now you can explicitly choose which area of American history you want to dive into. Also, we can now make other types of posts about history that are not just Battle Spotlights and the sort.

Probably the most radical change is the “removal” of the Technology and Gaming categories. They have been reorganized and assigned to new parent categories. Tech News is now under News, where it should belong. We have a new category called Reviews, where we have software, game, music, and gadget reviews. This includes Game Pick of the Week, Game Guide, and Tech Reviews.

Another notable change is that the lesser-used categories like Opinion and Element of the Week have been moved to the “Other” category. Finally, a full category drop-down menu has been added to the sidebar on the left of the recent posts on the front page.

Plans For the Summer

Well, you may be wondering what Asdaqua is going to look like over the summer. Well, we’ll try to come out with at least five posts a week, with new ones like gadget reviews or history articles, as well as news. We might get together sometime over the summer and record a new video with our NEW Panasonic HD Camcorder, but that’s a longshot.

Another trick we have up our sleeve – our logos are currently being worked on! They will look really nice when we debut them in September. We have logos for the network as well as all of our shows. We can’t wait!

Stats Update

Total views this past month: 1,606 views

Average views per day: 49 views

Top 5 posts this past month:

  1. League of Legends: Allen’s Complete Guide on Lee Sin – 142 views
  2. Funny Things to ask Siri – 60 views
  3. Game Guide #1: League of Legends – 30 views
  4. Remembering Alexis Jackson – 26 views
  5. TWiN Episode 17 – 23 views

Top 10 countries this past month:

  1. United States – 1,128 views
  2. Canada – 16 views
  3. Australia – 15 views
  4. Russia – 15 views
  5. Germany – 14 views
  6. France – 14 views
  7. Belgium – 13 views
  8. Lithuania – 13 views
  9. Poland – 12 views
  10. United Kingdom – 11 views

(We also had views from Brazil, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Argentina, the Netherlands, Ireland, Panama, Indonesia, Spain, Israel, Portugal, and more!)

Fun facts:

  • 203 posts
  • 36 categories
  • 837 tags
  • 3,982 total video views
  • 30 YouTube subscribers

14,391 views all-time!!


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