Building an Island of Trash

An island of trash? This idea sounds crazy but this trash pile off the coast of Singapore is surrounded by coral reefs and inhabited by  rare and endangered species.

Welcome to Semakau! The island was designed by Singaporean engineers with the help of environmentalist and is the first island made mostly out of trash but you wont find old pizza boxes and cans here.

This 865 acre off shore landfill is filled with ashes. A large portion of the trash produced by the population of Singapore goes to a waste-energy plant that powers part of the country. Most of the Singaporeans don’t know that the pizza box they threw away on Tuesday is powering their microwave on Thursday.

Semakau will solve a lot of Singapore’s problems since it is such a small country. It will take care of their waste disposal needs until 2045. and provide thousands of homes for the ever-growing population. Semakua is an innovation and maybe  we will see more islands of trash in the future.


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