iOS 6

“It will take your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in entirely new directions.”

iOS 6 is a mobile operating system that will replace iOS 5 in the fall. Some updates include:

  • The Maps App will now be easier to use, and beautifully designed
  • Siri will be able to understand more languages, work in more countries, and is available of the new iPad
  • It will be much easier to interact with the world’s most popular social networking site,  FaceBook
  • You will be able to share Photo Steams (A group of Photos) to your friends
  • Passbook, a new app that will hold all your boarding tickets, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cars, etc.
  • FaceTime will no longer require Wi-Fi to work, you can use cellular networks to see your friends
  • There will be more added to your phone app, like when someone calls you you can instantly reply to them with a text message
  • Your Mail app will be updated to make it easier to find important e-mails
  • iCould Tabs will be added to the Safari app, which allow you to have much better web browning
  • Guided Access is a useful tool that allows you to access all of your Apple device
  • All of Apple’s store apps (iTunes, App Store, etc) will be remodeled

I cannot wait to get this new software on my Apple Products! It is sure to be stunning.


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