League of Legends: Allen’s Complete Guide on Lee Sin

Hey guys, it’s me again with another champion guide. This time I will be covering Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. Lee Sin is a jungler/top laner who can be bery dangerous if yosed correctky. In this guide I will mainly go over how to play him as a top laner. First I will start with his abilities.

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Damage 55.8 (+3.2 / per level)
Health 428 (+85 / per level)
Mana 200 (+0 / per level)
Move Speed 350
Armor 16 (+3.7 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 6.25 (+0.7 / per level)
Mana Regen 50 (+0 / per level)


Unlike most other champions, Lee Sin uses Energy instead of Mana. Energy regenerates faster than mana.

His passive ability is Flurry. Every time Lee Sin casts an ability, his next 2 autoattacks within 3 seconds will gain 40% attack speed as well as gain 15 energy.

His first ability is Sonic Wave. Sonic Wave is a skillshot, and if it hits a target it damages them and adds a mark on it for a copule of seconds. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin is can now use Resonating Srike. Resonating Strike is when Lee SIn jumps to the marked target and deals damage.

His second ability is Safeguard. Lee Sin jumps to an allied target and shields them. He can also cast the ability on himself. After activating Safeguard, he can use Iron Will. Using Iron Will will gain Lee Sin extra spell vamp, life steal, and armor.

His third ability is Tempest. Lee Sin strikes the ground him, dealing AoE damage. Targets struck my Tempest are marked. After using Tempest, he is eligble to use Cripple. When Cripple is activated, marked targets will be slowed.

His ultimate is Dragon’s Rage. Lee Sin kicks a target, launching them back forward and dealing massive damage. Enemies in the targets way are also damaged and knocked up.

Ability Order

  1. Q
  2. W
  3. E
  4. W
  5. W
  6. R
  7. W
  8. E
  9. W
  10. E
  11. R
  12. Q
  13. Q
  14. Q
  15. Q
  16. R
  17. E
  18. E


Starting Items

x1(350) and x3(105)

x1(300) and x5(175)

Build into (mid-game)


x1(800) or x1(1200)

Finishing Items

If you have to be the bruiser:



If your team needs a tank:


Item Briefing

A wriggles is obviously a good item for a top lane, as it helps you with sustain and sight for wards. Phage will build you into a Frozen Mallet, and a Hexdrinker is good against AP. Usually your jungler would be the tank, but if you will be the tank, replace Infinity Edge and Atma’s with Randuin’s and Aegis.

Summoner Spells

These are probably the best. You may replace Flash with Ghost, but it leaves you vulnerable to cc. Ignite is better than exhaust cause it reduces healing , and you always have you E to slow as well as Frozen Mallet.

Masteries and Runes


Marks: Armor Penetration or Attack Damage

Seals: Armor

Glyphs: Magic Resist

Quintessence: Attack Damage


In early lane, you should play semi-aggressive, as you can Q–>Q, then jump to safety with your W. If you are getting zoned, get a Doran’s Shield or a Heart of Gold. Make sure to keep your flanking bushes warded with your Wriggles. If you don’t have it completed it, you should always by at least 1 ward before going back to the lane. When you think their is an opportunity for dragon, try to hover around mid/bot, as if a dragon starts when your at top lane, it probably is too late. If you are caught at top lane you should just keep pushing and deal as much damage to the tower as you can.

For mid game, it will depend whether laning still continues or group stage starts. By now if you are well farmed you should have a pretty decent item build. Always use your wriggles when it is ready, generally the cooldown is the same length as the ward life.

By late game, group stage should be the method. Remember that you will probably be the tank and the team would usually expect you to initiate. Your Q is a great initiater if it hits. Use your ultimate wisely, as a misplaced ulti could let an enemy escape.


In conclusion, Lee Sin is a great champ if used correctly.


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