Game Pick of the Week #8: Temple Run

Ever since Apple opened its App Store in June of 2008, a modern-day gold rush has taken place in basements and tech company cubicles across the globe. Since anyone with basic programming ability and an innovative idea has the opportunity to create and sell their own apps, there are a lot of people out there trying to cook up a hit. Some have struck it big, but few see as much success as Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, the husband-and-wife team behind Temple Run. Nearly 40 million people have downloaded the game since its release last August. Temple Run has dominated the App Store sales charts since December and the game is generating more revenue than games created by companies with hundreds of employees.

The premise is straight forward: your character (there are several protagonists who you can unlock) has escaped from a temple (hence the name) and is being chased incessantly by strange, demented monster-monkeys.

You’re not sure why you’re running but run you shall! Run, turn, jump and slide to avoid trees, falling off the track and being consumed by monkeys!  Make sure you collect as many coins as you can along the way – presumably whatever your character has made off from the temple with isn’t enough for him.

But it’s important to collect coins because they will buy you power-ups and help unlock hidden characters and wallpapers in the store. And this is important because the more power-ups  you have, and the more features you unlock, the higher the score multiplier function is, the higher your score is, and all of this increases the fun you will have!. You can simply pay real money for extra coins with in-app purchases, but that’s no fun!

Power-ups include a coin magnet so you can scoop up any in your view with minimal effort, invisibility, wings for resurrection when you die, and distance boosts.

Graphically, the game is decent enough but you’ll hardly have time to notice that with the fast-action gameplay. Gameplay that will have you hooked from the moment you start playing! You have been warned…


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