Morsi wins Egyptian Presidency

On Sunday, Egypt’s military rulers announced that Mohammad Morsi, part of the Muslim Brotherhood, has won the presidential election for Egypt. For over 16 months after the revolution, military leaders have controlled Egypt. Now the country is being led by a president, possibly a big step toward a democracy in Egypt.

After the revolution, there was a major power vacuum in Egypt, and senior generals of the Egyptian army resumed leadership. Some people opposed of this, especially the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. An election took place, and two men were nominated for the presidential election: Mohammad Morsi of the Muslin Brotherhood and former General Ahmed Shafik of the military council. The days before the announcement were tense moments, as banks, markets, and other stores closed in fear of violence.

Mohammad Morsi, age 60, is an American trained engineer and a former lawmaker. Finally, on Sunday, the public ballot showed 51.7% in favor of Morsi. The Brotherhood rushed out of their homes and celebrated. Some of the military generals congratulated and acknowledged Morsi, showing their acceptance. Even thought the election results was a big win for the Brotherhood, many knew that the conflict was far from over.

Many other countries congratulated Egypt, including the U.S. and Israel, though some were somewhat muted. Shafik remained silent, though some of his supporters staged angry protests to denounce the election.


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