Google Ignores Flag Day

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June 14 is Flag Day, a national holiday celebrating the Stars and Stripes since  1949. But don’t ask Google about it.

All of you who search with Google have seen their colorful animations that replace their usual logo on holidays and anniversaries. Well today, June 14, is Flag Day and what did Google users see when they went to they search page? Nothing! Guess what people noticed:

“You create elaborate doodle’s for random holidays like when the Ferris wheel  was created, but Memorial Day and Flag Day are totally disregarded,” wrote one  user on Google’s message boards. “Memorial  Day at least got a little baby Flag with a ribbon at the bottom of the page. But  today, there’s nothing?”

Microsoft with their search engine Bing is playing up this holiday. It’s homepage had a colorful and patriotic background of the Stars and Stripes along with a link box to more information about the holiday.

“After the United States gained independence, it took nearly one whole year to  decide on the first design for our country’s flag,” Bing notes. “It’s changed  over the years, but don’t you think we ended up with a grand one?”
The last few words are linked to a search page with information on Flag Day.

Google did show some patriotism earlier this week though. they had doodles for  Russia Day. They also a a brightly colored doodle for Independence Day;  in the Philippines.

Flag Day, not so much.



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