Flag Day 2012

Today is Flag Day. It is a day to show pride as Americans in our nation’s beautiful flag. Since 1949, all presidents have signed proclamations encouraging Americans to fly the flag proudly each year on Flag Day.

Why do Americans love our flag so dearly? Why are Americans so proud of it as to display it wherever they go, as pins on their suits or bumper stickers on their cars or by displaying it in front of their homes? Why do Americans take so much pride in displaying the flag in front of their homes, in schools, in public buildings, in workplaces, and on their uniforms?

Well, if you look deeper, there is a reason. Americans are very diverse. We all have different cultures, different backgrounds, different religions, different skin colors, different values, and different opinions. America is different in that it is a country made up completely of immigrants. But there is one thing that ties us together, and one thing that all Americans share. That is what Ronald Reagan referred to as the American Dream.

And the American Flag represents that. It represents the true American culture – the principles that we as Americans hold so dearly. The flag represents the belief that all individuals have a right to determine their own future.  All individuals can choose what they believe is right and can fight for those beliefs.

That is the American Dream. Individuality. That is the one thing that all Americans are so proud of. It is what ties us together as citizens of the United States, no matter where you came from. And our flag represents that.

There is one more reason that we love our flag so dearly. That is the fact that over 250 years, we Americans have been through many hard times. And our flag represents our victories, our defeats, our veterans, our fallen soldiers. It represents everything we have been through, and our flag is a symbol that through those times, the great nation that our Founding Fathers sacrificed everything to create for us. We have been through a fierce Civil War, “testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” And that nation did endure.

Through World War I and the Great Depression, we endured. During World War II, we were victorious. During the Cold War, we endured. During Korea and Vietnam, we endured. Through 9/11, we endured. Our brave soldiers fought under the Stars and Stripes in Iraq and Afghanistan to fend off evil terrorists. Our nation has survived.

That is what our flag stands for. That is why we as Americans are so proud of it. The American flag is who we are.


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