Element of the Week #1

I am going to start a new thing! Every day, I’ll post about an Element of the Periodic Table to teach y’all!

Todays element is…. Lithium!

Lithium’s symbol is LI. Lithium’s atomic number is 3, its atomic weight is 6.941, its density is 0.535, and its atomic radius is 167pm. Lithium is a very soft, very light metal. Its so light that it actually floats on water! Lithium is reactive, but still it is widely used in consumer products, like pills, gels, and batteries. The only place with a large amount of Lithium available is Bolivia. Lithium is also really interesting because it can keep peoples emotions in check. A steady dose of lithium carbonate will keep your emotions from flaring during a mood swing. Cool right? No one really knows why this happens. Lithium is soft, reactive, and helps keeps things in balance. The next element, number 4, Beryllium, is… well… different.

Lithium floating in water


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