How Biased Is My News Outlet?

In a study done by Tim Groseclose, he made a test to calculate one Political Quotient (PQ). He then gave the test to multiple political think tanks and other organizations. Then he created a program to see which organizations major news outlets cited and then used that to calculate the news outlets’ PQ. It is on a scale of 00.0 Hardcore Conservative to 100.0 which is hardcore Liberal.

Here are the results…

  ABC Good Morning America 56.1
  ABC World News Tonight 61.0  
  CBS Early Show 66.6  
  CBS Evening News 73.7  
  CNN NewsNight 56.0  
  Drudge Report 60.4  
  Fox News Special Report 39.7  
  Los Angeles Times 70.0  
  NBC Nightly News 61.6  
  NBC Today 64.0  
  New York Times 73.7  
  PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer 55.8  
  Newsweek 66.3  
  NPR Morning Edition 66.3  
  Time Magazine 65.4  
  U.S. News and World Report 65.8  
  USA Today 63.4  
  Wall Street Journal 85.1  
  Washington Post 66.6  
  Washington Times 35.4  

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