Game Pick of the Week #7 – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Hello all, and here we are with another game pick of the week.  Today, I bring you a game that has been released in honor of the Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary.  This Christmas 2011-released game is known as The Legend of Zelda-Skyward Sword.


This Wii Motion+ game uses modern Wii remote technology to enhance it’s gameplay and story.  Your actions with your remote are key to what directly happens in the game.  If you move your remote in different directions while using your sword, the sword on the game will mimic your every move.  Other commands like climbing vines or flying on huge birds also rely on your actions with the remote.  A special and powerful move, called the skyward strike, can only be used when you charge up your sword by holding it up into the sky, and can hit almost anything with full power!

This game starts out in the floating rock you call home: Skyloft.  The people who live here have been seperated form the surface world by a thick layer of clouds.  The only way to get around is to fly on your bird, which is called a Loftwing.  Once the charecter you play, Link, finds his childhood friend kidnapped to the surface by a whirlwind, he must set off on a dangerous adventure to the surface world, where there are no more humans, to save his friend.

This game takes place in these areas on the surface world:  The Sealed Grounds, Faron Woods, Lake Floria, Eldin Volcano, Lanayrue Mine, Lanyrue Sand Sea and Lanayrue Desert.  When exploring these overworlds, your goal is to search for your missing freind, Zelda.  Along the way, you meet an evil (and creepy) swordsman by the name of Ghirahim, who desperately wants Zelda’s soul to revive his master, to take over Hyrule.

What is most prized about this installment of the Zelda series, is the unique graphics that belong to this game.  The farther away something is, the more blurred it is, as the backdrop looks similar to a water-colored based design.  Close-up elements are over-exagerrated to ad a dramatic finish to Link’s sword and other tools.

A special game element added to this game is known as Silent-Realm challenges.  Similar to Link’s adventures in the ‘Twilight’ in The Legend of Zelda-Twilight Princess, Link is whisked away to an exact replica of places he has already been in, but he no longer has any of his tools, or even his sword.  He has a limited amount of time to collect certain items, or dark statues will awaken and kill Link with one hit.

After you defeat the final Boss, don’t put your remote down just yet.  You’ve still got Hero Mode to finish.  Hero Mode is when you play the game over again, but the enemies deal out twice as much damage as before.  Also, you won’t be able to collect hearts in pots or grass anymore; the only to get them is through stores or potions.  The ultimate bragging rights of this game is to have completed the 12 rounds of the Thunder Dragon’s lightning round (A boss-rush challenge) in Hero Mode.

This development of the Zelda series has the most stunning graphics and gameplay that I’ve seen in a while.  Play this game!


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