Mom in Virginia Has Blog: Makes $83,000 in 50 Hours

For one mother, Mother’s Day was not about getting gifts and relaxing, its about GIVING gifts.

Glennon Melton uses Mother’s Day as a day to give gifts to other moms shes met through her blog. She says “We built this community of people who are telling the truth, trying to understand each other. People who are very different, but have the common goal of loving each other better.”

One way they do this is through online “love-flash” mobs. She makes a post on her blog about a family or person in need and they are the star of that mob. During the flash mob, people all around the world reading her blog start dancing in support. As well as dancing, people also start donating (max. $25) to the person in need.

On mothers day- the donations were coming in 6 a minute- which raised about $83,000 in 50 hours. Melton also is working on a book, and writes for the Huffington post.


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