Travis’ Advice for Life 8

Hello everyone!!

I have some really important news that has lots of newsy news about news inside it!  Here it is:  My boss says that I can now use the front entrance of the Asdaqua studios building!  Yay!

Ah, childhood.  I remember mine very clearly.  Like most kids, I was this type:

I mean, you guys have done that too, right?…Right?

Anyway, I found out why Asdaqua studios was haunted.  You see, my ninja-tuna kept smelling around this one area in my office.  So, naturally, I pulled off the hardwood and climbed down to the next floor.

I eventually ended up on the roof of the office building.  Don’t ask my how that happened, I just know one thing:  Not only is our building haunted, but the structure itself is paranormal!!

I was driving home yesterday, and I noticed something funny:

Perfect place, for a police office, isn’t it?

Well, right now i’m supposed to give you guys some of my quotes of wisdom, but i’ve been thinking…

Do I really exist? Do you even exist?  Or is everything and everyone in my life just a conception? A deception?  Why am i here on this planet, why not somewhere else?  Why not another place, with different objects and people?  Is this post even real?  Or am I just trapped, in a box, typing this in from the top of a 112-story tower?

Maybe I’ve just had too much cough syrup (I just took my daily dosage of 12 1/2 gallons).

Have you ever shopped at the culinary Cosco Mart?  I just love their sales…

Here’s a famous quote!

“Never be ashamed of your mood swings…”

“I mean, who doesn’t love swings?”

Thanks all for staying awake during my presentation of how to tame a walrus in less than 20 millimeters (Or if you convert it, in less than 57.445 quarts)

Goodbye fellow accomplices!



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