OS X Mountain Lion!

Coming this summer… OS X Mountain Lion! Mountain Lion has all-new features inspired by the iPad, and the Mac Line of computers will just keep getting better and better. Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, Mountain Lion offers a messing app called Messages that allows you to text your friends that also have an iPhone/iPod Touch/Mountain Lion.

Mountain lion will offer a Notification Center that you ca see whats happening in your computer at any given moment, which can be very useful for those very busy days. Mountain Lion will also offer a reminders and notes app, which are very useful for people who are working around the clock.

Overall, I think OS X Mountain Lion will be a great operating system and I look forward to getting it on my Mac.

Pictures Credit: Apple


One thought on “OS X Mountain Lion!

  1. What does the Notification Center even do? Is it the same as the Windows Task Manager?
    Also, Windows has had notes and reminders for quite a while – since Vista.

    Go Windows 8!

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