Travis’ Advice for life 7

Hello my fellow sapiens!

How is everyone?  Did you enjoy my latest show?

I particularly like my NEW green couch!

Now, here’s a quote from my famous great-grandson-

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too…”

“But you can have your cake and eat someone else’s cake too, and that’s kind of better, anyway.”

Speaking of cake,  in a couple of hours I will be leaving to go to a new bakery that is opening in the 51st state, Canada!

Well, anyway, time in the office has been pretty good, although my newly bought rug is acting strange today…almost as if he’s ALIVE…Also, he keeps acting like a ninja, but he smells of tuna…

Whatever.  Have you guys ever been to my office?  I personally think it’s haunted.  My computer screen goes black whenever I don’t use it for a while, my windows turn black at night, and I hear Tal talking all the time!  Save yourself!  Don’t get within a 12-gallon radius of the office building!  It is CURSED!


(Cookies, yum yum!)


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